3 ways to redesign your home with furniture fabric

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It is too common that furniture fabric is considered the most afterthought things in redesigning home interior. However, furniture fabric or any textile for furnishing is the most crucial component in revamping home interior. Designing a room or entire home without doing research work on furniture and furnishing fabric is not at all possible from aesthetics perspective.
Furnishing and furniture fabrics are available in wide range of quality, shades and textures. This sounds great as many options can be available in a huge variety of fabrics to choose from. But the critical part in them is their usage and colour balancing while designing or redesigning your space.
So, we have a collated some ways by which furniture fabric can be seen as playing an essential role in redesigning your home.
1. Sense of Space
Furniture fabric plays an important role in creating space in smaller rooms or making a larger room look cozy. Fabric colour and weight are two essential components in managing space while interior designing your home.

If you are planning to design your living room which has limited space, try to go for neutral and light tones of fabric for sofa and contrast them with light weight curtains. The light shades of fabric will make your living room look spacious and breathable for yourself. Similarly, while redesigning your living room which is large in size, you can go for bulky fabrics that can make your room look cozy.

Large living room with bulky furniture fabric and style to make the room look cozy.

2. Setting up the tone
Fabrics essentially set up the tone of the room. They also create a mood of your choice. For example, if you want an Indian antique interior then rustic coloured fabrics would set the mood of the interior. Apart from colours, puffies made of jute fabric or sofa with cotton fabric can also add the desired Indian touch to the home décor.

Furniture fabrics are all about choosing the right type, texture, colours and quality to create the desired effect. Similarly, nowadays, people are more into redesigning their home from contemporary design perspective. For them, fabrics like leather, velvet and slight touch of Mesh can be the best choice.

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3. Play with Geometric prints for wall décor
One you have decided the colour scheme of your furniture fabric, it becomes extremely important to combine it with a pleasing wall décor. Using too many colours in single room can make your space look confusing. But, that doesn’t mean your room is going to look boring. You can always play with some pleasing wall fabrics in the form of acoustic panels.

Instead of choosing boring single shade or stripped pattern, go for geometric prints to add a touch of creativity. Make an effort in using one shade or pattern in multiple ways to make your room look aesthetically pleasing. Make sure to always keep in mind that your furniture and wall fabric should have only three shades falling from same or contrasting colour palette.


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