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Noise at the workplace can be really frustrating. Imagine you are sitting in a meeting or conference room, discussing something important and unexpectedly hear loud unwanted voices. This becomes problematic in a lot of situations even when you are reading a book at home. To deal with such problems, companies install sound absorbing panels. With the modernization taking place in the commercial industry, interior decorators have started giving preference to acoustic fabrics instead of the conventional metal or wooden acoustic panels.

Acoustic fabrics have gained huge popularity in the past few years. Due to their performance and quality, these fabrics have become one of the centres of attraction in the interior design industry. They offer numerous benefits to employees working by blocking the unwanted noise in the room.

Response Fabrics, one of the leading Acoustic fabrics manufacturers in India produces a vast range of fabrics for commercial sectors. They offer acoustic fabrics that not only perform well in reducing the noise but also add an element of decor to space. Established in 2004, Response Fabrics aims to cater to the interior industry with their astonishing range of offerings including acoustic fabrics, furniture fabrics, workstation fabrics and multiplex seating fabrics.

Why should you choose Response Fabrics while purchasing Acoustic Fabrics?

  1. The perfect blend of design and performance

Acoustic fabrics offered by Response Fabrics posses an extreme level of noise tolerance. They provide optimal sound clarity as well as quality. However, it is equally important to look for modern designs that can add an extra advantage to the overall look of the wall. We have an extensive range of fabrics that work amazingly well in commercial as well home decor sector. Each fabric has its own blend of design and performance in a balanced proportionate that has helped us in gaining customers’ trust and loyalty for years.

Acoustic Fabrics

  1. Range of fabrics

We have state – of – the art facility where different varieties of commercial fabrics are manufactured. Our wide range of Acoustic fabrics includes fabrics for home theatre, multiplex and office meeting rooms and auditoriums. We have over 700 SKUs composed of different fibres, quality, texture and design that serve a vast array of options for the customers to choose from. Depending upon the relevance of the space, customers can find innumerable options to enhance their space and block the noise.

Acoustic Fabrics

  1. Customisation with USPs

Response Fabrics is a customer-centric company. They produce all the fabrics while considering the new trends and most importantly the customers’ requirements. At Response Fabrics, customers get the option to get their own choice of fabric customised and manufactured with their own specifications. They can even get their acoustic fabrics equipped with our USPs such as  Fire retardancy, water repellency, stain resistance, anti-static and blackout. These USPs help the customers in increasing the longevity of the acoustic panels.


(Have a look at our extensive range of acoustic fabrics suitable for your home, office or any commercial space: https://www.responsefabrics.com/our-fabric-range/)







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