Acoustic Panel Fabric: The next big thing for home decor in 2019

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Home theatre or home studios have been in trend since more than a decade now. That classy experience of enjoying theatre sound begins with branded audio speakers. But it should not be ignored that it is incomplete without installing high-quality acoustic panel fabric.

Investing in acoustic panels is becoming a necessity for those who create a home sound studio. This trend is picking up faster and will soon become a necessity for those having a separate home theatre room. You just need a small investment to enjoy the incredible advantage of acoustic panel fabric in your very own home comfort.

Acoustic Panel Fabric

Before moving further, let’s talk about acoustic panel fabric in detail. How do they create the effect that makes your room sound alive?

Acoustic Panels: Enriching your sound experience

Acoustic panels are the most common sound treatments available in the market. They are uniquely designed panels hung on the ceiling and walls of the room to control noise and absorb sound.


Scientifically, when the sound is released from any speaker, it bounces off the hard surface of the walls and surrounding areas. So to make it work, acoustic panel fabric is required to absorb sound and do not let the sound to bounce back.


Acoustic panel fabric work as a filter to your room to eliminate echo. They also improve sound quality to give new life to your audio experience.


Add on to your home décor

Home interior designing industry is undergoing several transformations. One of the unique transformations is acoustic panels for home entertainment. They not only do wonders to the speaker sound but also go in style with your home décor.


If you are creating a home theatre and do not want monotonous walls in it then acoustic panel fabric can serve your purpose. They can complement your décor theme along with their standard characteristics to enhance sound experiences. Several interior designers and architects have started working on bespoke textures by choosing exclusive designs and colours.

Acoustic Panel Fabric

There is a variety of acoustic panel fabric available in the market. Their biggest advantage is that they are available in a huge range of several colours, textures, and quality to choose from.  The variety of shades and their finishing makes them essentially good to go with any specific home décor themes.


(Choose from our huge variety of Acoustic Panel Fabrics:



Loaded with unbelievable qualities

Apart from usage and décor add-on, acoustic panel fabric come with unbelievable qualities. Their functionality is all about science. So, they cannot be placed without keeping in mind their properties of prohibiting the sound from bouncing back. Moreover, it is always necessary to consider the requirements of the space while choosing the right acoustic panel fabric.


We at Response Fabrics, produce a wide range of acoustic panel fabric to provide you with an eye-pleasing and enhanced sound experience.


  • Eco- friendly: Our fabrics are made with recyclable and organic materials, free from harmful pollutants.
  • Fire retardant: Our fabrics are made with special properties to slow or stop the spread of fire and its intensity.

Water repellent: Our fabrics are treated with a surface coating that does not allow the acoustic panel to penetrate water easily.







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