3 ways to design a creative work environment with acoustic panel fabrics

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Workplace culture is evolving dramatically. It is taking cues from hotels, home and creative studios to build innovative office space. The biggest change that interior designers are bringing to the market is using multiple furniture fabrics and acoustic panel fabrics in a workspace.

Fabrics have become an essential part of creating a healthy work environment. Their texture and colours add a mood and bring new life to the overall work environment. Whether it is a workstation, sofa, bean bags or even acoustic walls, fabrics bring versatility to the workspace.

There are various fabrics available in the market to choose from for designing or redesigning your workspace creatively:

  1. Customize workstations

Workstation occupies an area more than anything else in the office. While revamping your workstation, consider the colour scheme that you want to go with. A creative and colourful workstation triggers the mind to think out of the box and grow in a better way. So, say bye to your grey workstation and add some colours to it.

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Instead of revamping the entire workstation, go with colourful, textured or geometrical pattern fabrics. If neutral tones are dominating your workspace then you can consider adding flashy or vibrant shades to break the monotony.





  1. Add bean bags

Bean bags are a superb addition to any workspace. They bring freshness to a monotonous working environment. They are extremely relaxing for body posture, easy to move and arrange extra seating anywhere in the office.  There is a lot of bean bags variety available in the market in terms of their colour, size, shape, and most importantly fabric.

The type of bean bags that you should purchase for your workspace completely depends upon your requirement. If you are looking for indoor bean bags then Leather is the best fabric for you. They are durable, solid and look great. They are best known for bringing out style and distinctiveness.

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Further, if you are looking to add bean bags in outdoor, play zone or cafeteria then go for polyester or cotton. They are available in different colours and textures that can add a touch of quirkiness to your space.

  1. acoustic panel fabrics

Noise is a common problem in every workspace. However, several interior designers have started working out well to deal with such noise without making your office look monotonous.


acoustic panel fabrics are a very old concept in the market. But the way the interior designers are playing with plain and textured fabrics is adding creativity to the workspace.

acoustic panel fabrics

There is a huge variety of acoustic panel fabrics available in the market. However, the ones made with fabric are good to consider because of the variety of shades and textures available to match your office décor.


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