Acoustic wall panel fabrics: The ultimate guide

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The interior designing industry has reached another level with the growing trend of acoustic wall panel fabrics. They are used not only for office meeting rooms but for home theatres as well. There are many acoustic panels which are available in varied fabric options with unique textures and shades.

Acoustic panels have gained huge popularity in the past decade. Obviously, they work best in absorbing the surrounding sound as well as enhancing its clarity and quality. The significantly reduce noise and also add to the aesthetics of the decor.

acoustic wall panel fabrics

Thus, the fabrics especially the acoustic fabrics that are manufactured at our facility are loaded with impeccable features and USPs. They are available in different compositions, colours, and USPs such as Water repellence, Fire retardancy, Stain repellence, Anti-static and Blackout.

Choosing acoustic fabrics with Response Fabrics is easier. We have collated some of the important features of acoustic panels that can make your office and home functionally and aesthetically outstanding.

  1. Weight and stretch

Many people wonder about the elasticity of the fabric and its relation with sound quality. There are numerous fabrics available in the market that does not stretch and some fabrics are so stretchable that makes the acoustic panel lose its functionality and lacks performance. Thus, while purchasing acoustic fabrics for your space make sure that you test its grip and elasticity first.

Elasticity and weight of the fabric play a vital role in the performance of acoustic panels. If you have made a mistake in choosing the right fabric then it could possibly affect the quality of sound as well as its clarity.


  1. Regulatory properties

There are several things that you significantly have to keep in mind before purchasing the fabric. Acoustic fabrics are an important decision as well as investment for anyone. Therefore, it is important to pre – enquire whether the fabric can be given any special treatment to ensure cleanliness and fireproofing or not.

acoustic wall panel fabrics

For instance, the acoustic fabrics that we manufacture in our facility can be made Water repellent, Stain repellent, Fire retardant, Anti-static and blackout. This ensures better standards in terms of keeping your resources and area safe.


  1. Sound Absorption and Reflection

These two are the biggest challenges that a customer comes across while buying the right acoustic fabrics. The acoustic panels especially those made with fabrics can reflect sound instead of absorbing it. This happens with tightly woven fabrics that in order to ensure reduced noise and absorption, the fabric starts reflecting the sound.  This becomes a huge problem for office meeting rooms and home theatres. Thus, before purchasing any acoustic fabrics, keep in mind to avoid tightly woven fabric for the better sound experience.

acoustic wall panel fabrics

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