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Response Fabric is the leading Manufacturer of the auditorium Chair Fabrics:


Response fabric is a world-known brand now which had earned the name and fame for the fabrics. The auditorium chair fabric is manufactured by us at affordable prices, for the texture we have varieties of variation. Different types of fabric are offered for the customer which is manufactured by the Response fabric. The Knitted Fabric, Leatherite, Polyester, Jacquard and Designer are the various type of auditorium chair fabric. The top-class quality of the thread and yarn are used to keep the fabric long-lasting. The variations for Auditorium chair fabric is as follows:-

  •       Polyester Fabric is the best-suited auditorium chair fabric which prevents the shrinking, wrinkling and stretching. Response Fabric got a specialization in manufacturing Polyester Fabric.
  •       Designer Fabric is manufactured as per the requirement of the customer. Response fabric has expertise in manufacturing the auditorium chair fabric.
  •       Jacquard is known for the thickness by this fabric a boon for chair can be created.
  •       Knitted fabric is created in small pieces and flexible in nature.

·        Leatherite fabric is a one-time investment for the furniture. Response fabric again got the specialty in manufacturing leatherite auditorium chair fabric which is long-lasting and durable.

Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.

Response Fabric is the leading Manufacturer of the auditorium Chairs Fabric: from the last 15 years, we maintain our reputation in the Indian market and abroad. Wide varieties of texture, color help in focusing the customer to choose the best among them all as per their needs.  It is equally important to have a comfortable and exciting seat.

The auditorium Chair fabric should relax the body which makes them feel comfortable in long sitting.

Auditorium chair Fabric is the product that increases the longevity of the backrest and provides strength from possible damage from the rear.

Biggest Recliner auditorium Chair Fabric Manufacturer: to add the style for your abode the alluring recliners bring comfort and relaxation. Recliner fabric is lazed around the chair to bring maximum comfort for the user. Response fabric is the leading manufacturer of Recliner in Delhi NCR. The recliner auditorium chair fabric should be soft enough to give you a smooth feeling.

 Incomparable Feature of Recliner For  Auditorium Chairs  Fabric: For durability, smoothness, breathability these are the best fabric. The two best qualities are it doesn’t let the excruciating outdoor sound barrage indoors and never blackout i.e it doesn’t allow harmful sun rays to enter indoors. Recliner fabric is amazing in quality and very stylish auditorium chair fabric. These fabrics are water resistance, fire retardant, fragile and relax the mind.

Peace of mind produces the right values, the right values produce the right thoughts. Right thoughts produce right actions.

The auditorium chair fabric is comfortable enough to attain beauty in mind. The movie in theater or cricket match can be enjoyable only if the chair seat has the covering of good fabric to serve this purpose is serve best  Response Fabric which is better than the best dealer in Delhi NCR.


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(Check- out the complete range of  Auditorium chair fabric find a suitable shade for your home furniture:

(Check- out the complete range of  Auditorium chair fabric to find a suitable shade for your home furniture:


In addition, it can be converted into water repellentfire retardantstain- proof and anti-static fabric to make it more durable.


Like the fabric? Why not incorporate it into your home?

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