Cinema Hall Fabrics

Cinema Hall and Auditorium Fabrics

What Makes Cinema Hall or Auditorium Fabric experience Special?

Cinema owners don’t let any opportunity go to increase viewership. This could be via offering fancy range of refreshments, sales of online tickets, dolby sound surround, air conditioner & purifiers and many more such attractive ideas. So, basically, they want to make sure that their customer gets enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Keeping in mind about the end user comfort, we manufacture cinema hall and auditorium fabric for chairs and also for wall panels to bring best comfort to the movie viewers. Our fabric, installed on wall inside the cinema hall, helps in reducing the outside voice interrupting movie viewers. We always work to present ourself as one of the “best fabric manufacturer in India”, wining audience heart with our best design with testing materials through different elements.

Response Fabrics design and manufacture extensive variety of fabrics that are used in cinema hall walls, chairs and floor.

What Makes Cinema Hall or Auditorium Fabric experience Special?

We invest in finest grade of raw materials such as cotton and polyester to offer you a qualitative range of cinema hall fabric. Because of excellent softness & flexibility nature of these fabrics, they are known for wrinkle resistant, breathable and ultimate comfort. We are able to provide everything you need under one roof. We are engaged in manufacturing a premium range of cinema hall, auditorium and wall panel fabrics. Our manufactured fabrics are highly appreciated by customers because of its beautiful combination of colours and smooth texture. These fabrics are thoroughly tested by our R&D experts with various quality measures.  We manufacture and supply these fabrics that are specifically designed for cinema hall to the biggest chain of multiplexes in cosmopolitan cities to movie halls in towns and smaller cities. Weather it is for new cinema hall or renovation of old one, we our designers make sure that the best services are given to you. We also supply this fabric to educational institution auditoriums, museums and art auditoriums. With our supply is to renowned names in Indian cinema, we have gathered lot of valuable experience in delivering right quality and quantity to them. With our Research and Development team, we are able to introduce high end product with competitive prices. In fact we are able to compete with the quality and price from fabric that are imported from outside India.

Methodology followed for manufacturing of Cinema Hall, Auditorium and Wall Panel Fabrics

Our methodology for producing cinema hall or auditorium fabrics is based on the high paradigm of colours, textures and designs or combinations of these tools to produce that exceed your expectations. With our introduction of fabric that is used in cinema floor for more than a decade ago, we were able to bring the best comfort for the end clients.   Now let us put some light on the quality of fabric that we produced and Response Fabrics is known for.
  • We expertise in cinema and auditorium seats fabric which is made with luxurious velvet fabric. With the intensive hard-work of our designers, labours, R&D team and management, we manufactures and supply high density and less distance between piles. We produce smooth effect seating chairs. This kind of fabric is used on top multiplexes and mostly used in recliners seat to get luxury look. This can also install on the walls inside the movie theatre and auditoriums.
  • We specialize in cinema wall fabric We manufacture wall panel fabric which not only look beautiful and luxurious but also has benefits such as reducing outside noise inside the cinema hall and are of breathable fabric. This fabric is also used in home theatre. We have done extensive research by visiting onsite and analysis fabrics life cycle.
  • We also introduced floor fabric for cinema. Our yarn combinations that are used to manufacture these fabrics are not only helpful in making cinema floor looks beautiful and comfortable but also are durable and wide width.
Our collection consists of variety of colors, patterns, GSMs, designs and combination of yarns in manufacturing these kinds of fabrics.

What extra step we take in process that makes us better than our peers?

First, we understand your requirement based on the location, size and average footfall on weekdays & weekends of the cinema hall or the auditoriums. Then our R&D team initiate their work on yarn combination to make fabric for that is much suitable to you. At the same time, you can choose design(s) from our catalogue or customize as per your desire. Our designers will work with you to create new one for you. Our production team is explained about the requirements and importance of each order placed. Raw materials for every order are inspected before initializing the production. While manufacturing, employees make sure that each length of these fabrics has same color, design and GSM. After production, each order is checked and final inspection is done. Our commitment of timing delivery and our transparency policy let you trust us in each step from placing an order to deliver.

Cost effective Cinema Hall Fabric by us

Our price range varies from high-end exclusive fabrics which are expensive in terms of money and are comfortable in texture. The age of durability may be less as compared to the cheap ones although the usage of cotton is prominent. In order to make a cost effective price cinema usable fabric, we increase polyester proportion. They are less comfortable on comparison but have long durability. Response Fabrics conducts regular seminars and exhibitions to generate awareness about manufacturing of the cinema halls & auditoriums fabrics with less burden on environment. We care about the environment as much as we care about time management and top quality of this fabric for you.