Best ways to embrace bean bags trend in office

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Today, not only the work culture but the office spaces have changed dramatically. Since offices have started embracing the cool trend of bean bags, employees have started saying bye to their conventional desks.
Over the years, Bean bag designs have evolved leaps and bounds due to the variety of fabrics available for upholstery in the market. Such huge variety of fabrics and their colours have resulted in bringing varied office environment that can do wonders to creativity and productivity at work.

Bean Bags can turn any office into an incredibly versatile space by adding freshness in the work environment. Apart from adding style and colours for creativity, bean bags in general, are easy to move and arrange extra seating in your office. They are extremely relaxing for body posture and keep the work efficiency in place.

Before purchasing bean bags for office, make sure you do complete research about the fabric and designs available in the market. So, here we are going to help you understand the fabrics that you can opt while purchasing bean bags for your office.

Leather for luxurious touch

If you are looking for office bean bags for indoor space then Leather could be the best choice for you. Leather is the most common fabrics available for bean bags in the market. It is a high strength fabric which is extremely durable and solid for office spaces.

Leather bean bags are best known for screaming out elegance. They are available in several royal colours to add a dash of distinctiveness in the work environment. From quirky colours to neutral shades, you can pick any colour complementing the walls and furniture of the office. They can be an amazing addition to your meeting rooms, cafeteria or reading room.



Since office furniture is something which you don’t change or invest in frequently, it is important to know other qualities that a particular fabric possesses. Leather bean bags are worth to invest in. They are durable and stain resistant as any sort of dirt can be removed by simply wiping it off with a piece of cloth and oil.

Poly – cotton for creative minds

Composition of Polyester and Cotton is also considered best for bean bags. This composition gives a breezy and mild feeling to the body as cotton makes it a breathable fabric.

If you are looking to add distinctive shades to outdoor, play zone or cafeteria in office space then go for poly- cotton bean bags. They are available in different textures ranging from printed to colourful individual shades. They are perfect for giving a stylish yet quirky look to your office space.

Moreover, Polyester is one of the most inexpensive fabrics to invest in. It also water resistant, thus, known for its long durability.

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