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Buying a car is an important decision for everyone. car seating fabrics are much more than deciding the brand, model and colour. With the growing awareness about car interiors and customization, people are finding the best means to make it look high – end that starts with reupholstering car seating fabrics or covers.

Having car seats made with quality car seating fabrics change the entire look of the car from inside. It does not only give pleasing visual appearance but also plays a major role in providing comfort to the passengers’ body. Majorly, the visual appeal of the car interior is based on the quality of car seating fabrics it has.

Thus, to make sure you choose the right car seating fabrics for your car seating, we decided to introduce you with our extensive range of car seating fabrics suitable for a classy car interior.

Before we move on, let’s first understand the market scenario in brief

Understanding fabric availability

In today’s time, there are so many manufacturers offering car seating fabrics in the market. However, it becomes difficult to check their quality and trust them for their durability. Non – durable leather fabric does not give you longevity and requires more efforts in maintenance. Whereas if you are planning to purchase car seating fabrics from a trusted manufacturer or brand then you are going to enjoy newness in the seats for years. The simplest way to find out the quality of the leather is from its smell. Unlike local fabrics, leather has a very sharp and pleasant smell that always gives a clue of new fabric or car seating fabrics.


Thoughtfully crafted Leatherite

We are well known for producing high-quality leather in the country. Currently, we are serving our customers with three different categories – YL Leatherite, XL Leatherite, and Supreme Leatherite. Each of them has its own relevance according to usage, texture, and shades.

The leather is the oldest type of car seating fabrics and over the years it has evolved in terms of its durability and shades available in the market. Over the past decade, we have been working on improving it to serve the customers better whether it is about interior decorating their home, office or car interior. Our manufacturing facility brings out its superiority in comparison to other car seating fabrics including comfort, beauty, and resilience.

It is the only fabric that stays in demand in all commercial sectors. Each sector or customer has its own choices and to satisfy them individually we try to produce the best possible shades for them. From tanned to vibrant, we produce shades that look aesthetically pleasing and suits the customers’ requirement.

car seating fabrics

(Check out our unique shades of Leatherite: )

Durability, Quality, and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of the fabric. we work on different USPs that any customer can have in their choice of leather. These USPs can make the car seating fabric fire retardant, water repellent, stain proof and anti-static. which are very important to ensure durability and quality. These features make the fabric look new over the years and does not even involve high-cost maintenance.

leather fabrics

car seating fabrics





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