Know the high – end cinema seat fabric other than Velvet & Leather

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Imagine yourself spending quality time with your special people while watching a film in a luxury theatre house! It sounds relaxing. However, it becomes quite distracting if the cinema seat fabric & seating are not comfortable.

We bring Oscars experience to the cinema halls and home theatres with our exclusive range of cinema seat fabric. All our cinema seat fabric are manufactured in – house with a sole aim to offer comfort and refreshment to the one experiencing it.

We, at Response Fabrics, one of the leading commercial fabric manufacturers in India has worked on various cinema seating projects by supplying exceptional quality fabrics that could turn any cinema hall into a cosy TV room.

One of the best things about having a comfy cinema seating is the place to chill and relax. Thus, we keep the customers’ experience as the top priority while producing the cinema seat fabric.

The conventional Cinema seat fabric

Nearly all cinema halls have started revamping their seating patterns and chairs upholstery. But, one thing that still remains the same is the type of cinema seat fabric used. Whether it is about recliners, chairs or cinema beds, leather and velvet are the two most common fabrics that are widely used.

Leather and velvet cinema seat fabric are considered conventional. Even if it is a luxury cinema hall, the chair fabrics look similar. These two fabrics are known for their exquisite appearance. However, there are more beyond these.

Response Fabrics has been serving cinema halls for a decade now. We have created exclusive shades and type of fabrics specifically, for cinema seat fabric, lounge chairs fabric, sofa and cinema beds fabric.

Let’s have a look at some of our common fabric categories that work amazingly well for upholstering cinema seating.

1. Comfort

Composed with Polyester, Comfort is one of the most suitable cinema seat fabric that we produce. Available in six royal shades of blue, red and grey, Comfort is used in upholstering sleek cinema recliners. Its extensive process of weaving and knitting makes it solid and durable for long years.

Cinema seat fabric

(Checkout the range of Comfort: (

2. Oxygen

Oxygen is designed exclusively for cinema seating. It is a 100% polyester fabric that possesses a crisp texture with dotted patterns. Available in three unique shades, Oxygen can transform any cinema hall with its fine detailing and design. It ensures ultimate comfort and looks pleasing to the eyes.

Cinema seat fabric

(Have a look at the different shades of Oxygen that we produce:

3. Discovery

Discovery is made with fancy polyester and suitable for lounge chairs and cinema recliner. It has a pleasing aesthetic with breathability and comfort that are the most important factors to be considered in cinema seating. The complete range of Discovery has over 30 exclusive shades for bespoke cinema chair designs.

Cinema seat fabric

(Checkout the entire range of Discover: (







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