Cinema wall fabric- Beauty with brains!

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Ever seen a pic of a group in a cinema theatre with an unattractive background? Well, you don’t want this to happen to the interiors of your project. And, a cinema theatre upholstery is not only about good looks, but it is also about the sound effect. Did you know, Response Fabrics create fabrics which is just perfect for the cinema wall fabric?

cinema wall fabric

A divine amalgamation of beauty with technology

We understand the trend and need. After much research and study, Response Fabrics has created the perfect blend of beauty with technology. Acoustic fabric is what we are referring to! It is the perfect fabric for your cinema walls. This cinema wall fabric comes with some unmatched qualities to give an inviting and comfortable look to the walls and ceilings of the cinema theatre.

cinema wall fabric

What makes Acoustic Fabric special?

The acoustic panel fabric is carefully designed and created for the cinema walls and ceilings with recyclable organic materials, which makes this fabric completely free from toxic pollutants. The fabric is manufactured with exclusive technology, which makes it difficult to catch fire. So, you can guarantee safety when promoting the cinema theatre and make your cinema stand out from the rest. The fabric slows down or restricts the intensity if there is a fire breakout. You can also sit back and relax as this fabric does not need much maintenance. Yes! You heard that right. Cinema wall fabric can be treated to fire retardant, acoustic (soundproof) or water repellant.

Cinema wall fabric

The uniqueness

Gone are the days when viewers did not experience the surround sound effect and this acoustic fabric adds more to the quality of sound in theatres. These cinema wall fabric are manufactured to be sound-proof and are designed in such a way that it gives a better sound effect to the theatre. The cinema wall fabric is available in different colours, designs, and patterns to suit the requirement of the customers. The placement of the fabric on the walls and the ceilings gives a totally contemporary look to the cinema walls. Suitable cinema wall fabric is – velvet, oxygen, jute, titan and many more.

Cinema wall fabric

Good investment in the long run

With the unique qualities shared above, Response Fabrics gives you a fabric which

  • Saves money in the long run by saving the cost of dry cleaning every six months.
  • Gives the theatre an edge above others because not every theatre is soundproof and gives you the best sound effect.
  • It does not wear out easily. The fabrics are very strong to withstand casual wear and tear.

It makes the theatre look glamorous. Website:

cinema wall fabric



(Check- out the complete range of  Cinema wall fabric find a suitable shade for your home furniture:

(Check- out the complete range of  Cinema wall fabric  to find a suitable shade for your home furniture:


In addition, it can be converted into water repellentfire retardantstain- proof and anti-static fabric to make it more durable.


Like the fabric? Why not incorporate it into your home?

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