3 Exclusive commercial fabrics for low back chairs

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Exclusive commercial fabrics:

Chairs in offices and homes have been the most important element of design and furniture. Yet, they were the most underrated piece of furniture until some variations in commercial fabrics occurred. Now there is a broad range of chair designs and shapes available in the market. Hence, they are considered as the most stylish element of design and decor.

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The recent trend of having low back chairs is becoming popular. Their minimalistic appeal offers that modern look to entire space. There are plenty of benefits offered by low back chairs. Out of which, comfort tops the priority. The main idea behind the design of such chairs is to provide comfortable support to the lower back. Thus, the level of comfort that these chairs provide comes from high-quality commercial fabrics.

Response Fabrics, the leading commercial fabrics manufacturer in India offers the most exclusive range of upholstery fabrics for low back chairs.

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Mesh for back support

Low back chairs have the small backrest, slightly curved in shape. It is very flexible to give support to the lower back. To complement the functionality of these chairs, Mesh is becoming popular commercial fabrics for office as well as home. Its netted material offers adequate airflow that keeps the body cool and ventilated.


Considering the appeal of Mesh, it has a simple pattern of net placed in different styles. However, it gives a quite decent and sophisticated appeal to any area. Additionally, it is available in contemporary shades that can be paired with different design themes.

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(Have a look at our complete range of Mesh here: https://responsefabrics.com/mesh/)


Eclipse – Composed of Polyester

Eclipse is one of the simplest yet most stylish commercial fabrics manufactured by Response Fabrics. It is composed of the artificial fibres of polyester which is ideal for high-performance.  Due to its composition, it adds breathability and durability to the chair being upholstered.

Available in over 40 exclusive shades, Eclipse is suitable for upholstering both homes as well as office chairs. Moreover, it is strong and withstands wear – tears even after frequent usage in office spaces.


Eclipse is a type of commercial fabrics which is resistant to moisture and doesn’t trap body sweat. Furthermore, it has tough fibres that make the chair wrinkle free and ensure longevity.

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(Check out our commercial fabrics range – Eclipse: https://responsefabrics.com/eclipse/)


Leatherite- Symbol of elegance

The commercial fabrics industry has one of the oldest and evergreen fabrics i.e. Leatherite(Leather). It is good for upholstering low back chairs that require a classy and elegant appeal. Perfect for all seasons, Leatherite is considered as a good choice for showcasing richness and ethnicity in office or home. The flexibility of Leatherite offers great comfort to the back, making it more preferable for low back chairs.

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Leatherite, in general, is a commercial fabric which is easy to clean. Dirt and liquid spills can easily be wiped off, making the chair look fresh for years. Since it is tough in composition, Leatherite resists punctures and saggy effects on chairs.


(Find a suitable Leatherite for your low back chair: https://responsefabrics.com/yl-leatherlite/, https://responsefabrics.com/xl-leatherlite/)







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