Different cushion fabrics for a colourful home

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Do you ever wonder redesigning your home with quirky home decor accessories and cushion fabrics?

Well! For that, Cushion fabrics can be the easiest and most colourful way of doing that.

They are an exquisite accessory for home decor that dresses up your living space amazingly. Whether it a neutral tone home design or a vibrant one, cushions are a must have to bring more energy to space. They help you transform your space in a unique way that gives an exemplary look to your home.

Arrange them on your sofa or bed; they would work really well in making out a stunning space.

cushion fabrics

To complement your room with an astonishing colour scheme, we bring you some amazing fabric ideas that gel up really well with a cushion as its cover.

Plush cushion covers

Imagine soft padding on your furniture! That’s the feeling cushions give when they are wrapped in an extremely soft fabric – Plush. The covers made with Plush bring coziness to the room and add an elegant appeal to the overall design of the room. Since plush is a soft fabric, it creates pampered and relaxing corner to your room.

cushion fabrics

Plush manufactured at Response Fabrics comes in over 20 exquisite shades including warm and cool colour tones. There is richness in each hue confounded with the texture of velvet fabric that brings a splendid appeal to your home decor theme.


(Choose from our jewel-like shades to fill your room with cozy cushions: https://responsefabrics.com/plush/ )


Dynamic cushion covers

The blend of Polyester and cotton is in great demand today. Dynamic is one fabric that can be used for accessorizing the living room, outdoor balcony area as well as bedrooms. In addition, the content of cotton in the fabric makes it versatile and suitable for all seasons.

cushion fabrics

Dynamic is one of the vast ranges that are produced at Response Fabrics. There are more than 30 shades that make the whole category including shades of grey, fawn, red and blue. Moreover, the process of manufacturing it is organic and eco – friendly that makes it free from harmful pollutants and safe for children and pets.


(Change your cushion covers just like seasons and choose contrasting shades for your home: https://www.responsefabrics.com/dynamic/ )


Leather cushions

Leather cushions need no introduction. They are made to add a premium look to home furniture. Its solid texture can absolutely transform any home decor with excellent contrast of colours. The best things about these cushion covers is that they create a classy look in a subtle way. Their grainy texture and plain colours are enough to bring an astounding appeal to your decor.

cushion fabrics

Whether your home is designed on a modern theme or a traditional decor, leather cushion covers are evergreen and universal that can be used on a living room sofa as well as a bed. Pattern these cushions with similar or contrasting tones; in rectangular or square shapes; they can style your living space wonderful.


(Checkout our wide range of leather shades: https://www.responsefabrics.com/yl-leatherlite/ )






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