Top 3 furniture fabric USPs that are kids friendly

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Top 3 furniture fabric USPs:

In modern days, when it comes to interior designing or décor nothing is complete without thoughtfully selected furniture fabric. Whether it is for your home or office furniture or it is for acoustic wall paneling to reduce the noise while maintaining the design aesthetics.

Furniture Fabric is essential for any home or office décor and why not? They bring out the feel which you want to flow through your design elements. However, when you have kids around, a lot of care and precautions are meant to be taken to save the visual appeal of your furniture fabric.

Kids are always energetic and unpredictable when they start playing at home. They can bring any sort of problem to the furniture fabric from spilling water to other beverages or staining the fabric with ketchup or water colours.

Well! Now you don’t have to worry as Response Fabrics, the leading manufacturer of commercial fabrics in India has great solutions to all your problems. Yes, you can have options to avoid these mishaps and keep your furniture fabric safe for a longer period of time.
We offer unbeatable USPs that is kids friendly and helpful to keep your furniture fresh for years. Let’s know more about them:

Water Repellent

In this technologically advanced world, everything is possible. Imagine, you are having kids at home and they accidentally spill water on the furniture. You might think that it is going to affect the furniture fabric and its inside seating.

However, that’s not true. Response Fabrics offers furniture fabric for the home with an amazing USP can convert any fabric into water repellent fabric. So even if your kids spill off juice onto your favorite lounge sofa, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or drying it. Our water repellent fabrics do not let water enter the surface of the fabric, thus, helping you retain the colours and stuffing of the furniture.

Stain Resistance

Who likes the stains on fabric and that too on furniture fabric? When kids are around, stains of ketchup, oil or colours are common. You don’t need to stop the kids, instead, you can have stain-resistant fabrics for your furniture. Stain resistance is one of the most beneficial qualities that you can have at your home. It helps the fabric withstand stains, adding extra years of cleanliness to the life of furniture fabric.

Fire retardancy

Having a fire accident at home is quite critical, especially when you have kids. Everyone is aware that fire gets easily spread with furniture fabric and takes a few seconds to hit the roof.

Being a leader in commercial fabrics industry. Response Fabrics offer fire retardant fabrics that do not catch flames and keep your near and dear ones safe. Fire retardant fabrics are rough and tough, thus, they resist flames and provides protection to the customers’ home and furniture.

We take pre-order requests to make your choice of fabric fire retardant. Check out our entire range of furniture fabric for the home and office here:





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