Furnitures Fabric guide: Things to consider while buying upholstery fabric

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Furnitures Fabric:-

Whether it is home or office decor, fabric for furniture plays an essential role in designing a perfect space. More than style, it is an investment for décor. However, the furnitures fabric is one of the most underrated elements in a home or office design dominated by its own range of colors and style of furniture it is used for.

While buying furnitures fabric, you usually tend to focus more on colors as the single most factors in choosing the fabric. But there are many other factors too involved in its selection. One thing is always noticeable when it comes to interior decorating like a pro, is to use a variety of furnitures fabric that are compatible with each other and add a splash of color and texture.

Furnitures Fabric

Believe it or not, there is a thin line difference between giving beautiful appeal and making a mess to your space with the fabric that you purchase without thorough research.

Let’s make it simpler to understand with our basic guide that will help you purchase a perfect upholstery furnitures fabric.

Know the style of your furniture

Buying a furnitures fabric without having clarity on the style of furniture that you want can make will ultimately end you up regretting later.


There are different styles of furniture in sofa, dining chairs, bean bags and others that are available on the internet but it is always better to shortlist designs according to the shape of the space and walls available. For example, if you are getting a couch made for a small space then you should not go with bulky fabrics like Velvet and Jute that can make the area look even smaller. (Checkout from the range of Response Fabrics suited for every room size: )

Furnitures Fabric

Any fabric that is complementing the shape of your furniture would give you amazing interior design.

Your choice of fabric should be in harmony with the style and character of the furniture it is going to cover. Moreover, it is extremely important to consider the theme of your home décor. If you have an Indian traditional appeal in your living area, then do not even try to choose contemporary fabrics.

Consider Interior before finalizing the shade

Picking the right colour of the fabric has a significant impact on your home décor. It is the first thing that everyone considers to look at while buying furnitures fabric. So, make sure the colour you pick should complement your room.  Since, colour is the first thing that everyone pays attention to, make sure it matches your walls and décor theme.


Right fabric colour sets the perfect mood for your space. Therefore, always go for colours that you can live happily with.


For example, if you have a small room, don’t go for bold shades and heavy fabrics. In addition, if your sofa size and room is too large then try to play with more than three colours that can add a soothing appeal to your interior.


It is also important to keep in mind not to purchase silk, wool, chenille, linen, velvet or any other fabric that are difficult to maintain and can catch pets fur easily. Also, try to avoid light shades or those furnitures fabric materials that are fragile for kids and difficult to remove stains.

Look for Quality &Durability

Fabric’s durability is directly related to its quality. So, don’t forget to consider the room’s traffic in which you are going to use that fabric. If you are going to use the furniture every day and have kids sitting on it for long hours, then find a high-quality Furnitures Fabric for long durability.


If you have dogs and cats living as your family member, consider a micro-fiber or leather sofa that can withstand wear & tear and also are fur resistant.

Furnitures Fabric

Leather is one of the most pet-friendly Furnitures Fabric for any furniture.



There are some special considerations also to define the durability of Furnitures Fabric. If your furniture is going to be placed in a room having direct sunlight, check out the fade resistance level of the fabric.


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