Best fabric picks for Home theatre recliners fabrics

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Having a mini home theatre recliners fabrics at home is the next big trend in 2019. Installing a big screen with high – quality speakers enrich the experience of watching a movie at home. But that’s not enough to create a contemporary home theatre design.

home theatre recliners fabrics

There are some more elements such as comfortable recliners, acoustic panels and the fabric that has been used in them to create a perfect home theatre design. The choice of fabrics especially for recliners plays an exceptionally important role in the positioning and overall look and enhancing the theatre experience.

Fabrics create an artful concept strategically by combining different textures. hues and designs to provide superior viewers’ experience. Hence, before purchasing fabrics for home theatre recliners fabrics, a little bit of research can make a huge difference in ensuring an ideal theatre design.

Fabrics for Home theatre recliners fabrics

Seating for home theatre is not just about chairs anymore. There is a wide range of fabrics available like Leatherite, velvet, Polyester and many more. So, if you make the right choice while selecting a fabric, you would stay happy with the design to come.


While choosing the right fabric for theatre seating. make sure you focus on the material of fabric first then jump off to colours, textures, and designs. For instance, leather is a reflective fabric but you have a huge space and want to have an extravagant appeal then you may also opt for velvet and plush.



The leather is one of the most preferred fabrics that our customers choose to design a mini theatre at home. They bring the best style statement out with a touch of luxury in the recliners.

home theatre recliners fabrics

Leather for home theatre seating is known for playing a dual role in functionality as well as performance. If there is a large space for theatre seating then a dark shade of leather can fill the space without affecting the colour scheme.

In addition, leather is best known for its durability factor. They are easy to maintain and solid fabric that can go till years without any damage. Moreover, leather recliners are pet-friendly and they can let you enjoy the movie with your pets.

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Velvet and Plush

Velvet and Plush have a long history in the design industry. They are reviving and bringing new appeal and shades to complement home theatre recliners fabrics design. They are extremely friendly to skin due to their extreme softness. Their texture and colour brings richness to the recliners and enhances the design of the home theatre.

home theatre recliners fabrics

home theatre recliners fabrics

Velvet and plush both add sumptuousness and depth to the theatre room by accentuating the look of the home theatre recliners fabrics. they are covering. Moreover, you can add contrasting pillows and cushions to make the theatre room more cozy and comfy in the winter season.

Though these fabrics are not as solid as leather they are easier in. maintenance that requires less effort in regular dust and vacuum cleaning routine.

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