It’s show time- How comfortable are those seats under you derriere?

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Planning a movie or a show?

How often do you go to watch a blockbuster in a theatre or watch a show or your favourite play in an auditorium that you have been waiting for since ages? Not more than once or maximum twice in a month for sure. The augmented ticket or entry rates inside the cinema or an auditorium have made it a little difficult for a middle class man to savour the luxury regularly. But when they do, there’s no second thought that they are looking out for complete value for money. The eating stalls at cinemas have raised their standards, so should the interiors, after all it’s a matter of spending those two to three luxurious hours away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives! And when it comes to sitting and watching your favourite show, it has to be comfortable enough. A clear view and comfortable seats are what you are concerned about once seated. But have you ever wondered about one of the factors that make your seats comfortable? The fabric! The fabric that’s used for auditorium or cinema seating.

Not “anything” works for the comfortable seats.

Furniture fabrics that are meant for auditorium or cinema seating come in various textures and each is different to suit the requirement. These fabrics are spun to give maximum comfort to the user. There are many factors that are considered such as occasion, environment, weather, climate, space, usage etc. Fabrics which are used for seats in auditorium or cinema go through multiple quality check as most of the factors are to be considered. They are required to be soft enough to give that smooth feeling while you are seated for long hours. The fabrics are required to be highly breathable to avoid sweating to the user. Having a nice sensual feeling against your skin never hurts!

Response fabric- An expert for auditorium or cinema seating fabrics

Response fabrics has been curating the finest of fabrics that are suitable for auditorium and cinema seating. These materials are manufactured keeping durability, smoothness, breathability and beauty in mind. Like any other fabric, the specially manufactured fabrics for auditorium or cinema seats, they also go through a rigorous quality check to ensure the required comfort to the users. These fabrics come in different textures and interestingly can be customized according to the needs and requirements.


Would you ever care for stunning upholstery if it weren’t for the customers you get to attend every day? Customers like to go back to the places where they are welcomed the most and a beautiful décor is always inviting. Having nicely upholstered furniture would definitely help retain the customers especially in places like an auditorium or cinema. You may call it a selling gimmick; however, it is imperative to offer good environment and to win over your customer for them to keep coming back, like the legend Raj Kapoor had said, “The show must go on”!!








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