3 Jacquard Fabric designs to incorporate at home and office

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In the past two years, Jacquard fabric has gained huge popularity in the interior decoration industry including – the furniture segment. Not only in the fashion industry but the Jacquard fabric has acquired a substantial chunk in the hospitality, office and home furnishing sectors.

What exactly Jacquard fabric is?

In basic terms, Jacquard fabric refers to the style of weaving. It does not carry any appliqué pattern, print or dye but features a raised pattern that is woven into the fabric. The most popular and widely used jacquard fabric patterns are floral and geometrics that is intricately woven to give the jacquard fabric an extravagant look.


Jacquard fabric is the epitome of vintage class and elegance as it was widely used in upholstering the furniture during the medieval period. Back in centuries, Europeans used to love incorporating Jacquard fabric into their home to lend an impression of grace and royalty. In order to revive its trend in this century, we bring you the top 3 designs of Jacquard fabric that are manufactured in our in-house facility.



No matter what the season is going on, you may blossom your home with minute floral designs all year round. Sandune manufactured at Response Fabrics is a unique range of jacquard fabric available in over 20 classic shades. If chosen smartly, it can be used for home as well as office furniture.


Jacquard fabric

Wrap your lounge chairs, ottomans or workstation cubicle with Sandune and give it an alluring appeal. To give your space a balanced look, you may choose different shades of the fabric and combine them together: https://www.responsefabrics.com/sandune/


Composed of geometric pattern, Spiral can be considered as one of the most creatively designed fabrics by Response Fabrics. It is useful on many levels as its geometric pattern is so simple that has become favorites of the interior designers. It has a striking and versatile pattern that can make any furniture look trendy and stylish.

Jacquard fabric

Use it for office furniture or home decor purpose, Spiral can add an extra touch of creativity to the complete space. Have a look at our complete range of Spiral category: https://www.responsefabrics.com/spiral/


Jacquard Fabric is all about the weaving unique patterns in their fibers. Created after an extensive design research, Waterfall features the pattern of a waterfall in over 9 different shades. It possesses an exclusive waterfall design that can make any workstation or furniture look unusual. The category is known for its bold pattern that will never go out of the trend.

Jacquard fabric

Use them on your office workstations and create an innovative design concept. Have a look at the complete category: https://www.responsefabrics.com/waterfall/

Like our Jacquard fabric range? Why not incorporate it at your home or office?

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