3 questions to ask before buying leather fabrics for home

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Leather fabric is the most sought after materials for home furniture. Just like any big investment, buying furniture fabrics require extensive and thorough market research. There are so many questions that come into the mind of every customer which makes it difficult to select the right furniture fabrics for their home.

They are broadly categorized into natural and artificial due to the raw material they are manufactured from. Natural leather fabric is made with animal rawhides and skin. They are expensive as well as difficult to find considering the manufacturers’ reliability. Customers usually go for artificial leather fabric which is next to the appeal of natural ones and available at a better price.

Response Fabrics, a leading commercial fabrics manufacturer in India offers a wide range of leather fabric for office and home furniture. It provides a complete gamut for classy and premium décor themes.

We all have seen a lot of confusion goes into the mind of the customer before buying leather fabric for their home. So, we have compiled a list of 3 basic questions that everyone should ask to make the right decision.

On which furniture, the leather fabric will be used?

Many customers usually skip the most important thing before buying leather fabric for their home – i.e. the furniture. Typically, the type of furniture that requires upholstery is the most important thing to consider before anything else. The shape of it and space where you are going to place it plays a vital role in making the right decision.

Leather fabric

For instance, if you are purchasing it for upholstering a recliner for a small room size then you must consider light shades and simple texture. This will give your furniture a sleek look while making space look bigger.


Are there any imperfections?

Nobody likes imperfections. But in the case of purchasing leather fabric, slight imperfections are imperative. Asymmetrical grains help in determining the quality of the fabric. Usually, they are made up of premium quality material which will definitely have imperfect grains and texture. Always keep in mind that a genuine and authentic leather fabric will never have a balanced texture.

Leather fabric

What is the durability and stretch-ability?

Typically, leather fabric is known as the toughest for home and office furniture. It withstands wear and tear and stays afresh for a longer period of time. In order to check its durability, you must ask for a swatch or sample. This will help you do relevant experiments and test the durability of your personal satisfaction.

In addition, a good quality leather fabric is stain and water resistant. They require low maintenance as water and stains can easily be wiped off, keeping the furniture clean. Moreover, when you are investing a huge amount, always consider its stretch-ability. With frequent sittings, the furniture can start sagging due to more than required elasticity of the fabric.

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