3 biggest benefits of leather as a furniture fabric

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Leather is known as a valuable commodity in the furniture segment. Whether purchasing for office or home, it is one of the most sought after elements for interior designers. Being one of the highly desired furniture fabrics for office, it offers extreme comfort to the body. In addition, its visual appeal adds an extravagant look to the entire furniture piece.

Today, leather is commonly used in commercial spaces. It is available in a wide range of colours, texture and composition which makes it even more desirable for office spaces.

Manufacturers such as Response Fabrics offer three entirely different categories of furniture fabrics in leather. These are – XL Leatherite, YL Leatherite and Supreme Leatherite which can enhance the aesthetics of any office space.

Having leather as furniture fabrics comes with a few great advantages for an office space.

Let’s talk about them in detail:

High – end appeal

When it comes to choosing furniture for office, leather tops the list. It is one of the most popular and high in demand for furniture fabrics. The premium appeal and texture of it makes the furniture look sumptuous and elegant.


What makes leather so different from other premium furniture fabrics?

Leather has its own texture which possesses rich colours. When it is manufactured artificially or naturally, dyes are directly absorbed into the fabric material. This process holds the colour for a longer period of time and also adds strength to the overall fabric. It comes with a gleaming finish. It makes the furniture look luxurious and enhances the interior of the office.

(Have a look at our premium range of leatherite furniture fabric for your office space: https://www.responsefabrics.com/our-fabric-range/)


Leather is the most solid furniture fabrics available in the market. Office furniture also has an age limit. It gets old and de-shaped with years. However, leather does not get impacted by its ageing process. Its natural strength gives complete support to the furniture seating making it more soft and comfortable for the user. In addition, when leather is used in office chairs, it comes with full padding from seating to the back. Thus, even if somebody spends hours on that chair, they would not feel any sort of discomfort.

Moreover, it cools down quickly. It is known perfect for summer as it does not absorb any sweat or moisture. Thus, it keeps the furniture fresh and body cool.


Many furniture fabrics have a tendency to stretch. Over time, they give a snagging effect to the entire space. However, leather is a kind of fabric that does not stretch and stays in shape even after a certain period of time. It proves to be more durable than other furniture fabrics and lasts longer.

In addition, it is easier to wipe off water and stains from leather. If something spills off the furniture then it can be easily removed by common cleansers. This means the professional look of office furniture stays afresh for long.






Disclaimer: The images of furniture fabrics in the blog have been used to represent or convey the idea. For acknowledging the source, please get in touch with us.

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