3 ways leatherite fabrics can transform your home interior

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Leatherite fabrics are one of the boldest upholstery fabrics available in the industry. They are known for the modern and contemporary style they offer to the furniture. Nobody can ignore the glam statement they add to the interior of a space. Perfect for classic designing, they can go with any sort of interior design-traditional, vintage or contemporary home decor.

The premium finish of leatherite fabrics gives a high end look to the furniture. In every way, they can transform your home interior in the most extensive way possible.

Response Fabrics, one of the leading commercial fabrics manufacturers in India offers the best in class leatherite fabrics for home as well office design segment. Many architects and interior designers who work on large scale projects go for this particular range for classic home decor.

Being a leader in the industry, we have listed down three ways in which our leatherite fabric range can transform your home decor:

Adds luxury and glam

Leatherite is considered evergreen in the upholstery fabrics industry. Its texture and premium finish makes it the most preferred choice for home interior. It has the ability to convert any simple interior design into a high-end glamorous decor.

leatherite fabrics

Whether upholstering a living room sofa or a bean bag, it is known for enhancing the overall look of the space. It has unmatched quality and appeal which is superior and cannot be replaced by any other fabrics.


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Adds versatility to design

Leatherite Fabrics are versatile in their own way. This particular fabric can fulfil multiple requirements complementing different interior designs and style of furniture. Being one of the oldest in the upholstery fabrics industry, it matches any design – conventional as well as modern.

For instance, a typically Indian and earthy home decor theme can also have leatherite fabrics upholstered sofa for their living room. In general, it is so versatile that goes with any interior design. Its sober grainy texture and unique shades add versatility to any design. It can be styled with leather or fabric cushions to enhance the interior better.


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Adds longevity to furniture

Leatherite fabrics remain highly in demand for many reasons other than aesthetical qualities. It is strong that can withstand any wear and tear. It has inherent water resistance quality that makes it easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it is also easier to remove dust particles from the furniture that makes the interior look new and fresh for a longer period.

leatherite fabrics

Due to the easy maintenance and cleaning process, it continues to be in demand even when the trends in the interior industry change. With its exceptional durability, any space or furniture can look new for years.


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