Stunning loose furniture fabrics ideas for unusual interior design

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Have you ever thought of accessorizing your home with softly stuffed loose furniture fabrics? Why not look further? They are really amazing and have got stylish designs to make your body feel comfortable and relaxed.

Usually, these types of furniture are stuffed with soft seating materials and covered with good quality fabrics to make them look adorable for your home.

Loose furniture fabrics

Being one of the most trusted commercial fabrics manufacturers in India, we at Response Fabrics, have researched a lot on different soft seating fabrics. Let’s discuss some trendy ideas and fabrics to complement unique soft seating furniture for your home and office.

Lounge sofa chair

Lounge Sofa chairs are also known as wing-back chairs due to their style and shape. They are versatile and comfortable because of their stuffed armrests. Conceived to be used in front of fireplaces, their classic design makes them useful for both informal and formal space. They are not only used in just filling up a corner but also make the space look visually attractive.


In order to use them for pleasant aesthetics, it is vital to make sure that you choose the right fabric for upholstering them. We make classic furniture fabrics that ensure elegance with modernity for soft seating furniture. Our wide range of lounge chair fabrics complements their utility and makes them breathable and soothing for the body.

Loose furniture fabrics

You may choose from our very stylish range of Glaze, Velvet and Plush fabrics. They are extremely soft and give a cozy appeal to your lounge chairs as well as the design space.


Swan & Egg Chairs

Swan & Egg chairs are beautifully shaped chairs and are recognized as the exceptional design elements for any space. Mainly used in lobby and balconies of giant office spaces and hotels, these two chairs integrate the theory of interior design and architecture for any space. They are styled with hollow curves and upholstered with ravishing fabric that can give a retro feel to the employees and guests.

Loose furniture fabrics

Swan & Egg chairs look bold and make space look alive. We have different fabric range for such soft seating furniture available in exquisite hues such as Vibrant, Eclipse, Dynamic, and many more.


Check out their entire range for giving a fresh look to your space:

Ottomans & Pouf stools

Versatile in shape, ottomans and pouf stools are an endearing addition to your home and office space. They can be available in round, rectangular as well as square shape where anyone can sit and have a nice time with friends and family. If your room is really small but requires extra seating then these can be a perfect soft seating to accessorize your room.


Our wide fabric range for soft seating consists of categories that can add a contemporary touch to your design within a nominal range.

Loose furniture fabrics

Loose furniture fabrics


(Check out some amazing fabrics that we make for ottomans and pouf stools: )







Disclaimer: The images of office spaces in the blog have been used to represent or convey the idea. For acknowledging the source, please get in touch with us.


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