3 Quirky fabrics designs for office acoustic panel fabrics

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In offices and home are going to be one of the biggest trends to office acoustic panel fabrics hit the interior designing industry. Panels made with office acoustic panel fabrics are embracing the true sense of design and complementing different office looks. They are becoming increasingly important for making a room soundproof without having to lose their actual aesthetics.

To create innovative office acoustic panel fabrics, we produce fabrics with unique patterns that can develop out of the box wall decor concepts. The panels made with our fabrics are customizable and performs well in absorbing sound for controlling noise.

Let’s go through our very popular range of office acoustic panel fabrics, designed especially for modern office acoustic panel fabrics:

  1. Universe Fabric

The universe is a unique fabric design that harmonizes the modern office interior with enhanced sound functionality. It can also be used to create aesthetically overwhelming office space and create a productive working environment for employees. The fabric has a soft dense texture with messy creativity that comes out as an innovation.

The entire range comprises of 6 neutral shades that are usually preferred by corporate offices looking to install office acoustic panel fabrics with contemporary designs. Moreover, they can be customized with different shades as per the customers’ requests.


(Check out from our exclusive range of Universe fabrics: https://responsefabrics.com/universe/ )


  1. 3D

After getting tired of using plain boring office acoustic panel fabrics, many companies have moved towards geometrical patterns for their office design. Keeping in mind about their demand, we have created 3D category that features multi-shade geometrical patterns. It gives a distinguished look to office walls while making high – quality office acoustic panel fabrics design.

We create artistic patterns with innovative designs in this particular category including two very vibrant shades – Red and Green to build a productive work environment. Thus, 3D is usually chosen by companies who need high- quality vibrant designs to spruce up their office interior.


(Have a look at these amazing shades of 3D fabrics: https://responsefabrics.com/3d/ )


  1. Titan

Inspired by the quirkiness of the design industry, we have created the Titan category to uplift creativity at the workplace.  Titan also features the ongoing demand for geometric patterns in office acoustic panel fabrics with quirky rings. From neutral to vibrant, the entire category attributes modern hues with five unique colours that can deck up any office interior incredibly.

Every fabric category produced at Response Fabrics has its own utility and relevance to satisfy the office acoustic panel fabrics design needs. We can also customize the fabrics as per the client’s request and make them Fire retardant, Water repellent, Stain-proof, Anti-static and Blackout.


Are you looking for an innovative office acoustic panel fabrics?

Go through our fabric categories and find a suitable for your space. https://responsefabrics.com/our-fabric-range/




Disclaimer: The images of office spaces in the blog have been used to represent or convey the idea. For acknowledging the source, please get in touch with us.

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