Do’s & don’ts for choosing the right office chair fabrics

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Office chair fabrics The work culture is evolving globally and most of the work is done through computers and laptops where employees have to sit for at least eight hours a day. This work culture has a direct impact on the lifestyle of people. We are in a world where people are exposed to more and more active sitting to do most of their work in offices.

Although, when it comes to choosing the right office chair fabrics in office spaces many of us bother much about the colour, texture or quality of the fabric. However, choosing a fabric that can suit the human body posture and other needs is always overlooked. But this particular attribute of office chair fabrics can help increase the productivity of the employees and it will eventually be reflected in your business.

When it comes to choosing ergonomic executive chairs for seating, office chair fabrics come to the rescue.

Why are office chair fabrics so important?

Good quality and comfortable office chairs are essential to reduce back strain. However, the design, shape, and style of the chair alone cannot provide extreme comfort to employees. In addition to it, office chair fabrics are considered essential to add extra value of comfort, relief, and breathability to the body. A good office chair fabrics prevent discomfort and thus, fosters productivity at work.

Being one of the leading commercial fabrics manufacturers in India, Response Fabrics always take care of important factors while manufacturing office chair fabrics such as breathability, durability, and performance. Our fabrics contribute extra hours of ease in work and positive work environment.
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But it is important to note that selecting office chair fabrics is not easy. While almost every other furniture fabric comes with great benefits, nevertheless, there are some do’s and don’ts that have to be considered while choosing office chair fabrics:

i. Fabric material

While choosing fabric for an executive chair, always do some research on the type of fabric that you require and how it is going to offer comfort to your employees. Consider fabric material before any other attribute. Apart from comfort, it should encourage air flow while reducing suffocation.
Do not consider colour, design or texture before the material you are going to choose for your office chairs.

ii. Breathability

Breathability is one crucial factor that gets overshadowed in the segment of office chair fabrics. Human body/back is prone to releasing heat and sweat while sitting for long hours on a chair. Hence, you must consider breathable fabrics (such as Mesh) for your office chairs that can offer cool and calmness to employees.

Do not go for Vinyl or any other tough fabric that is not breathable or block heat and sweat.

iii. Performance

This particular segment is slowly picking up pace in the furniture fabrics industry. Investing in office chair fabrics is not about a small amount of money or effort. They need to perform well for at least 5-7 years. To have a fresh looking office chair, customers must go for fire retardant, water repellent, stain resistant, anti-static, black-out or acoustic fabrics. These performance fabrics play a major role in keeping the office environment safe, clean and visually pleasing.

Try to avoid ordinary office chair fabrics as it is about huge investment and impacts the reputation of the workspace.

office chair fabrics

iv. Durability & Maintenance

Durability and maintenance of office chair fabrics are significant and directly related to their performance. For instance, if you are having stain resistant fabric chairs in your office, then you don’t have to worry about expensive cleaning processes that affect the durability of the fabric. Always go for fabrics that have some extra added advantage to suit your requirements.

Do not go for fabrics that are less durable in order to save money while purchasing them as the low-quality fabric can charge you with expensive cleaning procedures in the later stage.






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