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Longing for home-like comfort.

We don’t often meet people who like being in their workplaces. Apart from having an amazing supervisor, it is equally important to have comfortable and exciting seating. A good office environment can always lift up those spirits which were long required. Comfortable office chair fabrics to melt in, work stations, an infrastructure that offers you the minimum required facilities are what you need.  This covers 80% of comfort at the workplace.

Response Fabrics: Offering you best of Office chair fabrics

Office chairs are no more only office chairs, they are an absolute abode of comfort at your workplace. And Response Fabrics totally understands that. The leading manufacturer in office chair fabrics, they have the best to offer. At the same time, it is equally important to maintain the reputation of the business. The expert team at Response Fabrics guides you through the right fabric basis the nature and the usability of the chairs. They certainly have a wide variety of office chairs fabrics focussing on different textures and colors.


Office chairs may use a lot of variation when it comes to the texture. Response Fabrics is an expert at creating quality fabrics. The different Office chair fabrics manufactured at Response Fabrics are

  • Knitted Fabrics: Most flexible in nature. These can be easily created in small pieces and are considered the most suitable.
  • Designer Fabrics: These are the specialty of Response Fabrics. They create the custom made fabrics to meet the requirement of the customers.
  • Leatherite: Perfect fabric for longevity and class. This can be a good one-time investment for the furniture.
  • Jacquard Fabrics: Because of their thickness, these Office chair fabrics may prove to be a boon for office chairs.
  • Polyester Fabrics: Response Fabrics is an expert at creating polyester fabric for furniture. These office chair fabrics are highly resistant to wrinkling, shrinking and stretching and the most suitable for office chairs.

Check the variation of fabrics here:

Luxury and class- Hand in hand

Gone are the days when not much importance was paid towards the office furniture. If they were made stunning, they lacked comfort and vice versa. Rarely much attention was given to the details of the fabric. However, Response Fabrics offers you the fabrics which are trendy and yet comfortable and long lasting. With the following surreal qualities, these office chairs fabrics surely stand out;

Anti- static fabrics: The accumulated charges may lead to minor spark discharge in fabrics; however, Response Fabrics has the solution to static fabrics. No more sparks!

Water Repellent: The hydrophobic feature of these fabrics keeps the water away making it water repellent and giving you the freedom of using the furniture freely.

Fire Retardant: With this extra surreal technology, the fabrics are highly resistant to fire. This really proves to be a boon to fire proof your interiors.

Stain Resistant: These fabrics are especially curated with the stain- guard technology which helps retain the beauty of your furniture.





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