Office chairs fabrics: Current trends and beyond

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While selecting Office chairs fabrics for office, visual aesthetics is the first thing that comes into mind. It includes the material they are made from and the colour. that makes them visually complementary to the Office chairs fabrics.

To get the right picks, it requires a lot of research work to be done on understanding the type and quality of Office chairs fabrics. Furniture fabrics play an important role not only in the aesthetics but also in the durability and maintenance of the chair.

office chairs fabrics

Almost 8 hours of the day are spent on Office chairs fabrics and it becomes essential to know how the fabric is going to feel against the skin. In order to help you with the right choice of fabric. we have collated some of the most preferred fabrics suitable for Office chairs fabrics.

  1. Mesh

Whether you are creating a modern office design or unconventional. Mesh is considered as one of the most common fabrics used for covering office chairs. It is a breathable fabric that doesn’t stick to the skin even while sitting for hours.  Its ability to keep the airflow helps in reducing body sweat and keeping it cool.

They are known as value for money fabric than other Office chairs fabrics with multiple benefits. It offers extreme support and comfort to the body while maintaining a suitable posture for the lower and upper back. Moreover, it is a lightweight fabric that makes the fabric resistant to wear and tear.

office chairs fabrics

Mesh comes in a variety of colours that can go with any office interior. Check out some shades from our wide range of Mesh fabric manufactured for ergonomic Office chairs fabrics:


  1. Leatherite

The leather is known as superior of all Office chairs fabrics for office as well as home furniture. It creates a sign of prestige and luxury for the brand with it’s high – end appeal. Usually, the CEO and MDs like to have the high back chair made with leather that makes a style statement for their cabin.

Apart from the visual appeal, leather Office chairs fabrics are also known for providing comfort in summer due to their cool nature and ability to not to absorb sweat. Moreover, it is also comfortable in summer days as it warms and retains the heat of the body.

office chairs fabrics

Leather comes in a different variety of textures and shades to suit any office interior. Go through our extensive range of leatherite that we are currently producing – YL leatherite, XL leatherite and Supreme leatherite ( )


  1. Jute

Just next to cotton, jute is a fabric made naturally as well as synthetically. Earlier in the furniture segment, jute had left its charm because there was no creativity introduced. in the variety of its colour and texture. However, many manufacturing companies have started producing jute and mixing it with linen and cotton to bring out a unique fabric piece for any office furniture.

Many customers have started favoring jute for making executive chairs. stools and lounge chairs for their office. They stay longer without any heavy maintenance or cleaning and retain freshness in colours for a longer period of time. Even globally, the demand for jute fabrics specifically for Office chairs fabrics if growing and India is serving them. with different shades that manufacturers are producing.


(Choose from our wide range of jute fabrics: )



Top office chair fabrics: Current trends and beyond

Spring is approaching and the trend of Office chairs fabrics has shifted from specific design to innovative patterns. The contemporary choice of fabrics is constantly tweaking as per the changing needs of employees and the office team.

This season office chair fabrics manufactured by Response Fabrics is promoting functionality with the design while catering to the flexible needs of the workspace. The need for relaxation for office employees has become the utmost priority. Thus, our office chair fabrics are gaining momentum for focusing on well – being of the employees.

Whether you are setting up a new office space or redesigning an older one, the better and comfortable Office chairs fabrics can re-energize the workspace.

Here are some of the top Office chairs fabrics that have been manufactured while keeping in mind the new trend approaching the market:

  1. Mesh

Mesh is one of the most preferred fabrics that we manufacture for ergonomic office chairs. If you are looking at a chair that can increase the airflow then Mesh is the perfect choice for you. It provides optimal breathability without compromising upon the style of the chair.

Office chair fabrics

Office chair fabrics

Mesh for Office chairs fabrics possess a naturally venting system that increases air circulation due to holes in fabric. It is suitable for every season and gives an ideal look for each quarter of the year. The fabric range is available in over 16 entrancing shades to go with surrounding colours.

(Check out our complete range of mesh for your Office chairs fabrics:

  1. Mars

Mars is a 100% Polyester fabric manufactured in our in-house facility. Due to the composition, Mars can be a really comfortable Office chairs fabrics. Its texture is extremely soothing that provides comfort to the body and allows sitting and working for long hours.

Office chair fabrics

Office chair fabrics

We have two different categories of Mars consisting of more than 80 quirky shades. They can be used for multiple purposes mainly for the workstation as well as the Office chair fabrics. This particular category of fabric is made with a minimalistic approach characterized by high-quality fibres. It looks extremely pleasant to the eyes, provides great style and requires low maintenance.

(Have a look at the complete range of Mars I and Mars II:

  1. Eclipse

Office chair fabrics have their own composition and relevance. The upcoming trend features Office chairs fabrics that have a unique texture in minimalistic appeal. Eclipse is one such fabric that looks well on modern as well as contemporary Office chairs fabrics design.

Office chair fabrics

Office chair fabrics

It is also known as a high – end quality crepe polyester that embraces simplicity with modernity. The trend of Eclipse is going to stay in Office chairs fabrics segment for long while complementing the office decor. We, at Response Fabrics, manufacture over 40 shades that can be used for upholstering any style of the Office chairs fabrics .


(Check out the unique shades of Eclipse that we manufacture: )








Disclaimer: The images of office spaces in the blog have been used to represent or convey the idea. For acknowledging the source, please get in touch with us.

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