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These are an obsession for classy lounge office chairs fabrics manufacturer going in the modern design industry. Even without matching with other furniture in the room, they don’t look anti-style or odd ones out in space designing.

Today’s design industry is moving towards a unique trend of filling every corner of the space smartly. To go with this particular trend, there are many lounge chairs available in the market. They are unique and different in shapes, styles, and colours. Unlike the traditional interior decor, lounge chairs serve great relevance as well as aesthetics to your space.

office chairs fabrics manufacturer

Imagine yourself sitting on a lounge chair in your balcony and sipping your favourite cappuccino. But suddenly you start feeling discomfort. Thus, it is significant to have a comfortable chair rather than hurting your body parts for a stylish chair.

In order to attain extreme comfort, it becomes mandatory to choose a good quality fabric that can provide comfy feeling to your body while sitting. At the same time, it must look amazing to be complementing with home or office decor.

We are a leading manufacturer of fabrics for commercial and home spaces and we can help you out with some fabrics that can make an amazing lounge chair design for your space.


Eclipse is like a performance fabric. It works really well for providing comfort to the body while keeping the beauty of furniture. It is a 100% polyester fabric, made with micro fibres through an eco- friendly manufacturing process. Thus, it can also be called as a value added textile with exciting properties.

office chairs fabrics manufacturer

Suitable for seating and panelling, Eclipse can go with any shape of lounge chair and give it a modern look. It comes with huge variety of shades that can complement any home decor. Eclipse manufactured by Response Fabrics comes with over 40 different shades consisting of neutral to vibrant colour tones.

(Checkout from our range of Eclipse perfect for seating: )


Though the design industry has taken the route of modernity but there are some fabrics that are evergreen. One such fabric is velvet without which an elegant home / office decor is incomplete. The trend of velvet is becoming stronger each day. It can add warmth and classy appeal to lounge chairs.

office chairs fabrics manufacturer

If you like bold lounge chairs filled with rich texture and colours then velvet is the fabric for you. It gives a classic look with sophisticated style.

(Checkout our jewel like shades of velvet: )


Made with fancy polyester, Discovery is suitable for all types of seating including sofa and lounge chairs. Due to its composition, discovery makes a breathable fabric which ensures comfort to the body and pleasing aesthetics to lounge chairs.

office chairs fabrics manufacturer

The entire category of Discovery manufactured by Response Fabrics comes with over 30 shades that can be used in contrast with other household furniture.

(Try one from our unique shades of Discovery: )


Like the fabric? Why not create stylish lounge chairs for your home and office?

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