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We spend more time on office chairs than on any other desk or place. Various studies also suggest that wrong or uncomfortable office chair can badly impact your work efficiency. Sitting on an uncomfortable can lead to backache, fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries.

The right type of office chairs is built with ergonomic design supported by the fabrics friendly for body posture. Office chairs are long investment furniture, thus, they should be worthy enough to invest in and improve your productivity at work.

Just like you focus on the chair design, it is essential to consider the upholstery fabric before you make a decision to purchase. These days, upholstery fabrics are available in a huge range and variety of colours.

So, which option do you think is the best to suit your needs? And what all are the most durable options you can opt for:


Leather is the most popular upholstery fabric which is easily available in the market. Any furniture made with leather fabric gives a distinguished look to your entire office space. The texture of leather provides an elegant look to the overall chair design that can add a touch of class and style to your office décor.

Technically, Leather upholstery requires full padding throughout the seat and the back of the chair. Therefore, it provides relief to your back even if you are sitting and working for long hours.

Talking on the durability front, Leather is one of the most preferred fabrics due to its solid texture. Unlike, other chair fabrics, Leather does not have the tendency to stretch over time which results in no snagging effect or any sort of discomfort.

office chairs fabrics

Moreover, Leather chairs are stain resistant and if they come in contact with dirt, it can easily be wiped off with normal oils. Thus, it makes your office furniture look fresh and always professional.

If you are planning to buy a solid, high quality and durable fabric, you must go for leather.

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Mesh fabric has grown with huge popularity over the past decade. Whether your office has a contemporary design or looks quirky, chairs made with Mesh can go with any interior design. Mesh chairs look sleek and complement any modern office décor.

Considering body comfort, Mesh fabrics are good for any ergonomically designed office chair. People can use Mesh chairs to sit and work for long hours.

In addition, Mesh fabrics required foam stuffed seating that makes it comfortable for lower body to stay in rest position while working. It is designed with special features that allow air flow while sitting, keeping the body at a comfortable temperature to avoid sweaty back.

office chairs fabrics

However, when it comes to durability, Mesh fabrics are fairly durable due to the net texture they are made up from.

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Poly-cotton is the easiest to maintain fabric available for executive furniture. Just like people wear cotton clothes for their comfort, poly-cotton is also used for keeping the back at relief while working.

Poly- cotton is a breathing fabric that keeps the back at normal temperature with its softness.

Aesthetically, Poly-cotton is good to use fabric for a colourful quirky office. It comes in a wide range of colours that you can mix and match to boost creativity in your employees or colleagues.

office chairs fabrics

Moreover, Poly-cotton is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily with water or basic dry cleaning.

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