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Reception area defines the first impression of Office reception fabrics than the other interior areas. Whether it is a corporate office or a creative agency, the Office reception fabrics of an urban office define it all.

It is always multifaceted, a waiting area, a lounge or a place to catch up with colleagues. Hence, it requires diligent research work on the type of furniture and its placement that is required to create a modern reception area. The type of furniture further depends upon the fabric that you have used to make the area energetic.

We supply fabrics to the country’s biggest and leading office spaces, thus, we decided to cherry pick some of them to help you create an alluring reception area.

  1. Eclipse

Many modern offices have started understanding that the key to a productive work environment is ensuring creativity at work. In this regard, furniture plays an important role because of the versatility that can be brought in their colours, textures, and style.

Office reception fabrics

To meet such demand, we have Eclipse which offers a wide range of colourful fabrics to spruce up Office reception fabrics for any office reception area. Its different hues can turn any ordinary area into a modern office reception whilst supporting the flexible uses of the space. It is a polyester crepe fabric suitable for office seating to create a bold and bright reception look.


(Check out some amazing shades of Eclipse on our website:




  1. Dynamic

If you are redesigning Office reception fabrics for reception area a typical corporate organization, then Dynamic could be the best choice for you. Its texture and shades suit all types of your need and give the space a high- end corporate appeal. It creates the simple minimal look without compromising upon the comfort of the furniture.

Office reception fabrics

Use it on soft seating or sofa to create a sense of decor appeal in a subtle way. Majority of shades available in Dynamic are neutral and they can make the Office reception fabrics area look spacious than using any other shade.  Moreover, the material and texture of the fabric is the body – friendly and breathable that ensures comfort for the people visiting the Office reception fabrics area.


(Check out the entire range of Dynamic:


  1. Leatherite

Leather is one of the oldest Office reception fabrics used since the millennial. It brings elegance and beauty to any space. Earlier, leather was only used in executive furniture but now over time, it has evolved in terms of its texture and shades. Thus, many companies have started using it in creating a colourful Office reception fabrics area. The variety of shades that we produce in leather can suit the specific needs of any office.

Office reception fabrics

Leather is a solid fabric, thus, it ensures durability and longevity and does not require frequent investments in redesigning the furniture. It is one of those fabrics that not only guarantees style but also ensures performance in terms of comfort in every season.


(Check out the shades of Leatherite on our website:






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