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upholstery fabric manufacturers

Upholstery Fabrics

When we talk about furniture, the first thing that comes to our mind is fabric of the furniture which should be beautiful in pattern, enlighten for sight, comfortable in feeling and attractive design. However, with so much of variety available in the market, it would be difficult for you to select the one which is more suitable to you.

artificial leather manufacturers

Artificial Leather

Being Artificial leather manufacturers we have some leatherette or Rexine material ranges which I could help you in choosing the best material for yourself. Leatherite or artificial leather– on hearing a product made with leather, makes us think that it is made with animal skin. It is rare and expensive than any other fabrics or product.

hospitality fabric manufacturers

Hospitality Fabrics

We all know that hospitality Industry is a macro synonym of service sector that comprises of hotels ,cafes and restaurants. Over the years, hospitality Industry has been more customer oriented, luxurious and attractive looking. Today, these fabrics are popularly used on wall panels, sofas, chairs and even tables. 

workstation fabric manufacturers

Workstation Fabrics

A comfortable work station is an essential requirement in today’s office to offer workers, employees and employers a superior working ambience. A good working environment helps employees work more effective and in efficient manner. This positive environment helps in performance of your employees and overall a vital factor in company success.

auditorium fabric manufacturers in India

Auditorium Fabrics

Cinema owners don’t miss any opportunity to increase viewership. This could be via offering fancy range of refreshments, sales of online tickets, Dolby sound surround, air conditioner & purifiers and many more such attractive ideas. So, basically, they want to make sure that their customer gets enjoyable and comfortable experience due to quality of cinema fabric designed by auditorium fabric manufacturers with best materials.

office chair fabric manufacturers

Office Chair Fabrics

We, in our daily office routine-life, spend about one-third of our day in the office and maximum hours on the chair. This makes chairs the most important factor in terms of giving as much comfort to the employees to sit for such long hours at work.

acoustic fabric manufacturers

Acoustic Fabrics

Acoustic fabric manufacturers basically deal in non-woven polyester fabrics. Our unit does the same for quality purpose.  Acoustic fabric manufacturers uses high-tech technology, offering various solutions that are used in commercial and residential purposes.

antimicrobial fabric manufacturers

Antimicrobial Fabrics

Antimicrobial fabrics are coating material specially designed to prevent harmful microbes and pathogens to not multiply even if they come in contact with the fabric you use for sofa, chairs, bed or some more things. Antimicrobial home use non harming fabrics protection which is now globally well-known for fighting the Virus.

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