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Polyester crepe fabric -The interior design of a modern office is based upon the stunning fabrics that are used to create ultra-modern furniture. In fact, Fabric is considered as one of the most crucial elements for office furniture design including – Workstations, Cubicles, executive chairs, acoustic panels, etc.

While designing modern office spaces or furniture, fabrics have to be used strategically to add moods and complement the brand identity of the company.

We, at Response Fabrics, take care of all your office furniture requirements through our wide range of furniture fabrics manufactured in our in-house facility. These fabrics possess different compositions for comfortable office furniture including – Cotton, Polyester, Crepe, Mesh, Jacquard and many more.

Today, we are going to discuss Polyester Crepe fabric that are becoming increasingly popular in the office design segment. So, let us first understand..,

What exactly a Polyester Crepe fabric is?

Polyester Crepe fabric is one of the most common fabrics available in commercial fabric segment as well as the fashion industry. In the commercial industry, Polyester Crepe fabric is a type of thin fabric having a distinctive appeal due to its crisp texture surface.

Crepe fabric was originally composed of Silk. But to make it wrinkle free and bring more variation in its shades and texture, Polyester is added to make the final product – Polyester Crepe fabric. It is made through an extensively advanced process of weaving and knitting for a light and softer appearance.

Important traits of Polyester Crepe fabric for office furniture

a. Comfort

Polyester Crepe fabric manufactures at Response Fabrics comes with a great comfort level. It stays in demand all year for adorning creative workspaces. Its unique texture, lightweight and breathability make it the most in – demand furniture fabrics for interior designers. Unlike other synthetic fibers, Polyester Crepe fabric is resistant to heat and thus, they can be considered as one of the most comfortable fabrics for office employees.

b. Durability

Polyester Crepe fabric is a strong fabric which is well – recognized for its exceptional durability. Moreover, due to the presence of synthetic fibers i.e. Polyester, the fabric becomes wrinkle free and long lasting for office furniture. In addition, the Polyester Crepe fabric that we produce in our manufacturing unit possesses outstanding colour retention that makes it even a better choice for office spaces.

c. Versatility

Due to different variation of shades available in Polyester Crepe fabrics, it is known for its versatility. It can be used for modern as well as traditional workspaces and complement both of their unique visual appearances. Even the fine weaving and overall texture of the fabric never goes out of style and adds flexibility to the office furniture and its environment.

If you are looking for a comfortable, durable and versatile fabric for your creative office space then Polyester Crepe fabric could be the right choice for you. Its longevity, level of comfort and versatility will transform your complete office space.

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