Polyester Fabric : The most popular office furniture fabrics

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Polyester fabric: Polyester fabric is one of the most popular fabrics manufactured in the commercial industry. Today, the majority of office furniture is made with this particular type of fabric. It is breathable, strong and resistant to sweat that makes it more common among office spaces.

They are extremely comfortable as they are frequently added with cotton content to make it more pleasing for the body. In addition, Polyester fabric or polycotton fabric also provides protection against wrinkling, fading, and abrasion.

Polyester Fabrics

We, at Response Fabrics, manufacture Polyester fabric for office furniture with a prime focus on providing extreme comfort and quality to customers.

Below are some of the polyester fabrics that we manufacture for styling your office furniture and ensuring great durability:

  1. Plush for soft seating furniture

Soft seating furniture has gained huge popularity in the interior design industry, especially when it comes to designing office spaces. To augment this growing trend of soft seating furniture, we have an entire range of polyester fabric known as PLUSH. It is super soft which is made with 100% polyester fabric and used for designing colourful furniture for office space. The category is available in over 20 shades including neutral tones to vibrant tones. Soft seating furniture wrapped with plush adds an extra appeal of creativity to the decor.

Polyester Fabric

Have a look at our exclusive range of polyester fabric (plush) for designing amazing ottomans and pouffe stools for your office space: https://www.responsefabrics.com/plush/


  1. Dynamic for office sofa

While selecting the colour and type of fabric for an office sofa, it is always certain to choose a lightweight and comfortable fabric. Additionally, the other important considerations such as shades and texture of the fabric also play a vital role in bringing out the complete look of the office sofa.

Polyester Fabric

DYNAMIC, a fabric category manufactured for office furniture fulfils the criteria for designing the desired office sofa. Its composition includes polyester and cotton which makes it breathable for those sitting on it even for long hours. We manufacture more than 30 shades in the category that can go with any office decor theme.
Check out the complete range of Dynamic for your office sofa: https://www.responsefabrics.com/dynamic/ (https://www.responsefabrics.com/dynamic/)

  1. Vibrant for office lounge chairs

Lounge chairs for office have become a significant add on. They add a touch of class, comfort, and freshness to the decor of the office. Stylish lounge chairs create a sense of modernity and contemporary appeal in the office.

Polyester Fabric

Lounge chairs in office are usually upholstered with colourful fabrics. Our exclusive range of Vibrant for office furniture matches up with the market trend. It is available in 34 attractive hues, each complementing the taste of the different audience. It is a 100% polyester fabric which is light in weight and suitable for office lounge chairs.


(Have a look at the complete fabric range of Vibrant: https://www.responsefabrics.com/vibrant/ (https://www.responsefabrics.com/vibrant/)




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