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The Recliners for home are more than just a swanky chair for decor. They are your companion for home theatre, reading corner or even if you want to just relax.

Recliner chairs are comfortable and they become even more relaxing when upholstered with the right choice of fabric. Recliner chair fabrics can simply transform your home by making the area of your room a cozy corner.

We, at Response Fabrics, manufacture a huge variety of fabrics that are suitable for recliner chairs. From Polyester to Leather, we have several categories of fabrics that can blend well into your living room decor.

Let’s have a look at some of our always in demand recliner chair fabrics.

  1. Leatherite

Leatherite is a smart choice of fabric when it comes to choosing it for any furniture. We produce three different categories of Leather, each having their own USPs and shades to go with your living space. There is a wide variety of texture and sturdiness to match with any shape of a recliner.


Leatherite adds a perfect dash of prestige. It adapts well to the way of your home setting and can make it look sophisticated. You may choose from a wide range of neutral tones to tan brown for your home theatre or living room space recliners.

Recliner fabrics

They are easy to maintain as cleaning them is not a hectic task. In addition, they are durable and extend the life of the recliner.


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  1. Comfort

If you are looking for a true theatre experience at home then Comfort is going to be the right choice for recliner chairs. Specially manufactured for multiplex and home theatre recliners, it is a 100% polyester fabric that gives a comfy feel to your body.


Whether your recliner chair is designed in a contemporary style or has a traditional shape, Comfort goes with the trend giving your recliner a classy appeal. You may choose from different tones of red, blue and grey to give a sophisticated look to your home.

To maintain it better, we can also customize the fabric into water repellent and stain- proof fabric that keeps your recliner always afresh.


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  1. Velvet

If you have a recliner that is plump in shape with extra stuffed curves then finding the right fabric for it becomes an extremely tedious task. A recliner that looks bulky must be upholstered in a good quality fabric. Thus, to make your task easier, we have shortlisted Velvet as an exquisite fabric that gives an elegant look to the recliner chair.

Velvet manufactured at Response Fabrics is made with fine quality fibres. Made with 100% Polyester, it possesses extreme softness and provides comfort to the body. The different shades of it add a sumptuous appeal to the overall room.


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