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Rexine Manufacturer in India: Response Fabrics is the place to be

An ISO 9001 certified company, Response Fabrics came into existence in the year 2004 and has retained the top position in the fabrics market for fifteen years. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for and we undoubtedly excel at. The commendable diversity in product type, Response Fabrics manufactures fabrics for office workstations, modular furniture, wall panels, loose furniture, sofa, multiplex/ auditorium wall panels, chairs, and recliners. Crepes, Poly recycled cotton, Dobbies, Mesh, Jute, Knitted, Printed fabrics, and PP spun woven fabrics are some of the fabrics we specialize in, however, we earned the reputation of being the best for the best Rexine Manufacturer in India.

Rexine Manufacturer in India

What is it best for?

Rexine or leatherite (as it is popularly known as), is best suited for chairs, sofas, car upholstery, and even bags. Being the best Rexine Manufacturer in India, it is a must for us to meet our clients’ expectations and we are proud to succeed at that. Response Fabrics has managed to build strong relationships with the clients since the beginning and their word of mouth has made the industry flourish. We manufacture high-class rexine in more than 20 shades and textures to suit the requirements of the products and customers.

Rexine Manufacturer in India

What makes rexine special?

Rexine produced at Response Fabrics is created with much care and consideration. We consider it a one-time investment for a long time. The leatherite or rexine come with following distinguished features:

Rexine Manufacturer in India

  • The fabric is the perfect choice for office furniture and bags based on extensive usage.
  • Rexine or leatherite fabrics are stronger, hence the bags and the furniture have a comparatively longer life.
  • The best Rexine Manufacturer in India produces a one- time investment fabric which turns out to be low maintenance as it does not need to be dry cleaned every six months.
  • Rexine or leatherite is easy to clean and can be polished for a shiny surface.
  • The vibrant colours and beautiful textures keep the look trendy and maintain a class. 

    Rexine Manufacturer in India

    Leather has its own texture which easily absorbs rich colours. When it is manufactured artificially or naturally, dyes are directly absorbed into the fabric material. This process holds the colour for a longer period of time and also adds strength to the overall fabric. It comes with a shiny finish. It makes the furniture look luxurious and enhances the interior of the office.

    Rexine Manufacturer in India

    Website: https://www.responsefabrics.com/


    (Check- out the complete range of  Fabric to find a suitable shade for your home furniture: https://www.responsefabrics.com/leatherite-range/

    (Check- out the complete range of  Fabric  to find a suitable shade for your home furniture: https://www.responsefabrics.com/our-fabric-range/


    In addition, it can be converted into water repellentfire retardant, stain- proof and anti-static fabric to make it more durable.


    Like the fabric? Why not incorporate it in your home?

    Get us a call at +91 – 8130027320 or write to us at info@responsefabrics.com


    Rexine Manufacturer in India





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