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The year 2019 has started with great interior sofa fabrics design trends for home space. Many designers are seen experimenting with fabrics and their colours and styles to bring that perfect decor appeal. It is pretty much clear that sofa fabrics (furniture fabrics) are going to dominate this sector and bring out a new concept in the home design industry.

Last year saw quite minimalistic and subtle shades of sofa fabrics (furniture fabrics), layering up the room with contrasting colours and textures. This year is moving towards a totally different design scenario.

To embrace the new home design trends, we would like to feature today – Discovery.  This sofa fabrics range consists of striking shades curated with a unique texture that can bring transformation to any home space with many pleasing aesthetics.

(Check- out the complete range of Discovery to find a suitable shade for your home furniture:


Discovery is one of the most breathable and body – friendly fabrics. It is known as a fancy polyester sofa fabrics suitable for sofa, chair and lounges for home. Composed with Polyester, Discovery fabric tends to stand up to every season for years due to its strong resilient properties. It holds the shape of home furniture better and prevents it from looking saggy.


Moreover, the microfibers of the entire sofa fabrics range make it colour last for a longer period of time without bringing any signs of colour fadedness.

Unique shades

Discovery range of sofa fabrics, manufactured by Response Fabrics comes with over 30 unique shades. Starting from bright and warm to cool and vibrant shades, it has strong contrasting colours that can bring life to any boring sofa fabrics or home design.


The colour palette of Discovery starts with high-end neutral shades of fawn, brown and grey that gives a sophisticated look to the sofa fabrics and home furniture. Apart from neutral shades, it is also available in pop colours such as deep red, navy blue, royal teal, saffron and many amongst them. These shades work as a strong element in interior designing and decorating home furniture by bringing the best of its style.

Suitability and durability

The composition of Discovery makes it suitable for sofa fabrics (home furniture) – mainly the sofa and lounge chairs and adds longevity to it. The soft microfibers of the sofa fabrics make the furniture comfortable and relaxing for the body even while resting on it for long hours.


Discovery, the fancy polyester sofa fabrics range from Response Fabrics is easy to maintain with the routine vacuum cleaning process. Though, it requires professional cleaning when required but does not lose its colour and looks fresh for years.


In addition, it can be converted into water repellent, fire retardant, stain- proof and anti-static fabric to make it more durable.


Like the fabric? Why not incorporate it in your home?

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