Stain Resistant fabrics for furniture: Know the insights

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Stain Resistant fabrics: Stains on furniture are a common mess but they are no fun at all. Indeed, they come with a big headache and affect the visual appeal as well as the longevity of the furniture.

Furniture fabrics are a big investment for home and office. Majority of customers do not change their furniture or its fabric for 10 years at least. To help the customers deal with such concerns, Response Fabrics, one of the leading commercial fabric manufacturers in India are offering performance fabrics including USPs such as water repellent fabric feature, Stain Resistant fabrics feature, fire retardant fabric feature, antistatic fabric feature, acoustics fabric feature, and blackout fabric feature.

Stain Resistant fabrics

Out of them, stain resistant is considered as an extremely important and beneficial quality for home and office segment. It keeps the fabric safe from stains and adds extra years to the life of the furniture. Stain Resistant fabrics provide relief to the one using it.

Before getting into further details, let’s first understand what exactly a Stain Resistant fabrics means.

The concept

Stain resistance is that beneficial quality which gives the fabric the ability to withstand stains that occur due to any coloured liquid including oil and greasy materials. In simple terms, it is a protective layer that is embedded onto the fabric surface that stops the liquid or the stain to penetrate into the fibres.

Stain Resistant fabrics are one of the most successful concepts in commercial fabrics industry. Whether the fabric is being used in the home or office space, it works amazingly well to keep the furniture durable and low on maintenance.

Important benefits

We all would agree that stains are like a big mess on the furniture fabric. Imagine a stain of ketchup or watercolor on your sofa ruining the complete look of your living room.

Stain Resistant fabrics

Stain Resistant fabrics

Thus, to make your furniture look new for years, Stain Resistant fabrics have several important benefits:

  1. No discolouration

The primary most benefit of Stain Resistant fabrics is the protection from discolouration. When the fabric is coated chemically, it creates a block on the fabric surface that does not let the fibres absorb the colour when it comes in contact with any liquid material. Thus, it retains the actual colour of the fabric without spending a heavy amount on dry cleaning the sofa.

Stain Resistant fabrics

  1. Adds to affordability

If you are owning fabric furniture at home or office and it gets stained then you might feel that it has become useless, trying to hide it with its cover or send it for an expensive dry cleaning process. However, Stain Resistant fabrics are known to add affordability to anybody’s furniture maintenance. When the stain will not come in contact with the fabric surface then there will be no worries about its cleaning process.


  1. Durability

Apart from getting the furniture old, staining is also one of the very important factors that contribute to the thought of changing the furniture. Furniture fabric should last long irrespective of it being expensive or reasonable. Thus, the Stain Resistant fabrics manufactured by Response Fabrics are exceptionally durable that stays afresh for years. Our fabrics when treated with stain resistance chemicals, it creates a barrier or protective layer on the fabric surface.



We take pre-order requests to make your choice of Stain Resistant fabrics. Check out our entire range of fabric for office furniture here:



Stain Resistant fabrics





Disclaimer: The images of office spaces in the blog have been used to represent or convey the idea. For acknowledging the source, please get in touch with us.

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