Top 4 important features to look for while selecting fabric for office furniture

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Office furniture is one of the most crucial contributions to any company’s workspace and productivity of employees. No matter, how big or small the workspace area is, it needs an appropriate furniture and fabric colour to add positivity to the office ambiance.

Furniture fabric plays an important role in workspace designing. There are infinite options available in the market for buying furniture fabric but not all of them are equipped with appropriate usage properties.

So, what exactly you should look for while selecting one for your office? Let’s go through the topmost qualities that every furniture fabric must possess!

  1. Fire retardant

Yes, you read it right! There are some furniture fabrics available in the market that are resistant to flames than any other normal fabrics. Fire retardant fabrics are organically manufactured with recycled materials and then chemically treated to make their fibers fireproof. Though it is not a new concept existing in the market but very few companies provide such fabrics.

It is very important to keep the work or home space safe from fire hazards and that starts with fire retardant furniture fabrics. These particular types of fabrics are intended to resist ignition of the flame, with respect to its duration. Surprisingly, the flame retardancy of such fabrics last lifelong even after getting it dry-cleaned or washed.


  1. Water-proofing and Stain resistance

An office is a place where there is an everyday footfall from employees to clients moving with their coffee mugs or hard drink cans. Thus, it becomes extremely important to have a furniture fabric which is waterproof as well as stain resistant in order to maintain its durability.

Fabrics that are water-proof usually resist water for everything from office chairs to workstation desks or acoustic paneling. Apart from waterproofing, it is equally important to look for stain- resistance factor in furniture fabric to keep it look fresh and clean over the years.


  1. Anti- Static

Anti-static is one of the most preferred properties that you may find in good quality fabrics. They are intended to reduce or eliminate the static charge from the fabrics. These fabrics are manufactured through natural process and then coated with an antistatic agent to eliminate the charge it generates by coming into the contact of air moisture.


Anti- Static fabrics are highly conductive fibers. They can be used in office furniture to lessen the impact of the electrostatic discharge on any individual using a computer or any other electronic devices.


  1. Sound absorbent

Poor acoustic fabrics in office are a great distraction to employees. Good acoustic fabrics are crucial for keeping the employees away from distraction and maintain the privacy of confidential information. Conversations between the co-workers come up as noise and to reduce the noise, it is important to look for a fabric with sound absorbing qualities.

Earlier, the soundproofing or absorbing fabrics were not available in extensive range of designs. However, with the evolving design industry, you can choose from a wide range of contemporary designs that don’t appeal like an acoustic fabric.


Our extensive range of fabrics are manufactured naturally and thus, possess important qualities like Fire retardancy, Water repellent, Stain resistance, Anti-static and Sound-absorbent.

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