Upholstery Fabrics- A variety of them available at Response Fabrics

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Upholstery Fabrics: The interiors of a house or an office speak a lot about the passion for building impressive spaces or the emotions attached. The owners’ personalities clearly reflect in the interiors of an office or home or even car. And a nicely done place is always impressive and you would want to go back to it again and again. The nicely done interiors are always inviting and you feel welcomed too.

Upholstery Fabrics

If you are planning to redo your interiors, then Response Fabrics has everything that you need. The company creates a range of upholstery fabrics for furniture and interiors like a wall or the ceiling panels and even car seats. These fabrics are specially manufactured to give considerable strength to your furniture apart from elegance. The company takes complete responsibility for the quality of the upholstery fabrics. These fabrics go through strict scrutiny or quality check to provide the best to their customers.

Upholstery Fabrics

Response Fabrics is popular for creating the best of the upholstery fabrics, in fact, most of the fabrics they manufacture are perfect for any kind of furniture or décor.  The variations available at Response Fabrics

  • Knitted Fabrics: Most flexible in nature. These can be easily created in small pieces and are considered the most suitable for chairs.
  • Designer Fabrics: Response Fabrics is known to create the most fabulous designer fabrics. They create the custom made fabrics to meet the requirement of the customers.
  • Leatherite Fabrics: Perfect fabric for longevity and class. This can be a good one-time investment for the furniture. Most suitable for sofas and car seat/ or car seat covers.
  • Jacquard Fabrics: Because of their thickness, these upholstery fabrics may prove to be a boon for office chairs, décor, and curtains.

Polyester Fabrics: Response Fabrics is an expert at creating polyester fabric for furniture. These upholstery fabrics are highly resistant to wrinkling, shrinking and stretching and the most suitable for office chairs.

Upholstery Fabrics

These fabrics are manufactured with much care and the experts make them go through several quality checks. The upholstery fabrics are imbibed with the following salient features:

  • Anti-static fabrics: The accumulated charges may lead to minor spark discharge in fabrics; however, they have the solution to static fabrics. Response Fabrics is a master at creating anti-static quality fabrics.
  • Blackout: They make curtains that make summers tolerable for you. These special fabrics restrict the sunrays to reach the insides. Response Fabrics wants you to stay cool through the scorching heat of summers.
  • Water Repellent: The hydrophobic feature of these upholstery fabrics make the slide off it keeping the surface dry and clean.
  • Fire Retardant: With this extra surreal technology, the fabrics are highly resistant to fire. This really proves to be a boon to fireproof your interiors.

Stain Resistant: The stain guard technology lasts your furniture long as they don’t require dry-cleaning, as much as they usually do.

Upholstery Fabrics

  • Acoustic: This unmatched quality makes life a lot easier not only for you but for your neighbors too. Now you can freely invite over guests who you usually avoided because they are loud or have a scintillating match over video games with your kids. Response Fabrics understands the sense of freedom!

Upholstery Fabrics


(Check- out the complete range of Upholstery Fabrics to find a suitable shade for your home furniture: https://www.responsefabrics.com/leatherite-range/

(Check- out the complete range of Upholstery Fabrics to find a suitable shade for your home furniture: https://responsefabrics.com/waterfall/



In addition, it can be converted into water repellent, fire retardant, stain- proof and anti-static fabric to make it more durable.


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