Water Repellent fabrics for office furniture: Know the benefits

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Water Repellent fabrics: Buying fabric for office furniture is an important decision as well as a long term investment. Office furniture remains the same for quite a few years until it requires a makeover. Thus, the furniture fabric has to be durable and made up of high-quality material.

Apart from unique texture and colours available in the market, there are various useful features of office furniture fabric that can be beneficial for any buyer. Since there are many manufacturers in the market, each of them has their own USPs to make their fabrics unique. We, at Response Fabrics, manufacture world class fabrics for office furniture with USPs such as Water Repellent fabrics, Fire retardant fabrics, Stain resistant fabrics, Anti-static fabric, Blackout fabrics, and Acoustic fabrics.

Today, we are going to talk about of our most preferred USPs out of all, i.e. water repellent fabrics that every buyer would like to get benefit from. However, many people get confused between water repellent fabrics and waterproof fabrics. But technically, both of them are entirely different from each other.

Water Repellent fabrics


Let’s get into the details!

Waterproof and Water Repellent fabrics

Waterproof and Water Repellent fabrics
Waterproof fabrics are non-breathable fabrics. This means that the fabric does not penetrate water and have zero levels of breathability. It does not let anything get through its surface including the air and traps heavy amount moisture. These fabrics are used in umbrellas, raincoats and other stuff related to boating.

However, water repellent fabrics are known for their breathability level as well as resisting water. They repel water from their surface and thus, known for not trapping the moisture. Such fabrics are useful in the furniture industry, especially for fabric sofa, office chairs, cushions, and other furniture accessories.


Water Repellent fabrics for office furniture

While working in the office, anybody can accidentally spill coffee, water or any drink on to the fabric. Imagining this seems a daunting experience when it comes to washing or drying the furniture fabric that too in the commercial industry. That’s where comes our water repellent feature that does not let water enter into the fabric, keeping it dry and easier for seating use.


Water repellent fabrics for office furniture are extremely useful as they do not let the water stay on the surface for long. They are easier to maintain as compared to other ordinary fabrics that absorb water and affect the stuffing of the seat. Once the liquid is spilled on the fabric, you don’t have to worry about the time that will go in making it dry.

Water Repellent fabrics

Response Fabrics takes care of all the office furniture desires. The water repellent fabrics manufactured in our facility are treated with good quality chemicals that are sustained by the fabric for long years. Their locking layer does not let water enter into the surface of the fabric fibres that help in retaining the stuffing of the seating and its colours.



We take pre-order requests to make your choice of water repellent fabrics. Check out our entire range of fabric for office furniture: https://responsefabrics.com/our-fabric-range/





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