Quick Deliveries

Quick Deliveries

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Special Assistance

Special Assistance

“We Guide With the Selection of Fabric Best Suited for Your Interiors.”

Custom Made Designs

Custom Made Designs

“Various Customization Options Available According to Your Requirements.”

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Established in 2004

Response Fabrics (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2004. The company is an ISO 9001 certified company . We create and design world class fabrics suited for corporate offices, commercial and the hospitality Interiors  . We manufacture  fabrics for office workstations, modular furniture, wall paneling, loose furniture, sofa,  multiplex/ auditorium  wall panels , chairs and recliners . The fabrics are produced in our state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Our products include high quality Crepes, Poly recycled cotton, Dobbies, Mesh, Leatherite, Jute, Knitted, Printed fabrics and PP spun woven fabrics. If you cannot find your exact specifications  in our catalogue, the we can offer custom made services in designs/colour and will be pleased to discuss your special requirements. We maintain substantial stock in about 700 SKU’S (stock keeping unit). If for some reason we are out of stock, we commit to deliver the standard stock items within a short period of time.


Adding a feature to your furniture has not been easy in past but with us it’s a total
different story.It’s common that static charges may get accumulated into your fabrics
and can lead to little spark discharge.Well, this is the story of other fabrics. We have brought solution to this problem with our anti-static fabrics.

Fire proofing is later pre-protection of your furniture that is very important.
Fire retardant fabrics are best made with highly technological enhancement, which
prevents the fabrics from catching fire. These fabrics can be a back bone and base in your fire proofing system.

Washing and then drying a fabric may take a lot of time but with us there is
another fascinating solution. The hydrophobic feature of our fabric makes it water
repellent and it becomes easier to keep water away from the fabric naturally.

Stains can be nasty, especially in case of fabrics as they are difficult to wash at
regular intervals. Our stain-guard feature can prevent these stains so that the beauty of
fabric and furniture is maintained.

When Summers are hottest and the Sun is brightest, and you need to decrease the
brightness of your rooms to minimum level that is when our fabrics, which are especially
designed for blocking sun rays up to maximum level, are best suited in the business.
You can beat the heat now and dim natural lights irrespective of the outer conditions.

Neighbors are going to become less complaining when acoustic panel fabrics are
installed in your room and house. Let the children shout out loud in the room with
such a quality of fabric when present in that room.
The sound proofing quality is unmatchable and good enough to avoid all sorts of

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