5 Tips to design an impressive workspace fabrics to foster creativity

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We demand everything from our workspace fabrics for coming up with new and innovative ideas. However, workspace fabrics or workstation is one of the most overlooked factors that can affect an employee’s creativity. Everybody requires privacy, flexibility and independence to be productive at work.

For any organization, it is important for their employees to stay productive and excited all day long. And for that, it requires an amazing workstation designed with phenomenal furniture for them.

So, here we decided to list down five essential tips that you can consider in designing impressive workspace fabrics to encourage creativity at work:

  1. Add colours to your cube.

Colours play a critical role in designing any workspace fabrics or office furniture. They have a powerful influence on productivity, creativity, concentration and emotions of anybody’s mind.

Psychologically, colours are very important in activating creative mind cells at work. So, make sure that the colours that you choose for your workstation, should have appropriate colours that are pleasing to your eyes.

Using the right colours for workstation fabrics can contribute positively to a healthy work environment.

For example, blue is commonly used for increasing productivity; yellow and orange are optimistic colours in encouraging creativity; red represents efficiency, and green brings calmness to a working mind.

  1. Trendy and comfortable chairs

It is good to have trendy chairs in your office to bug off the office boredom but it is equally important to choose an ergonomic design for them.

Working in office for almost 8 – 10 hours sitting on an uncomfortable chair can sound like a nightmare and it should not come into reality. Hence, buy a chair that has a nice colour to complement the workstation and give an extreme level of comfort to your employees.

Do not go for colours that are too bright or light as they can easily become faded and dirty. Last but not the least, always make sure that the furniture fabric is breathable to avoid any sort of discomfort at work.

  1. Colourful bulletin board

Gone are the days when office desks had those sandy or green shades of bulletin boards for sticking on the tasks.

Thanks to the companies experimenting with new shades for making the board look exciting!

While designing the workstation or workspace, make sure that it has several important colours to add positivity to the environment. Colours that are in trend nowadays are mauve, yellow, blue and red that makes the workstation look energetic.

  1. Remove the boring grey and white

White walls with grey curtains and carpeted flooring sketch a boring image in mind. No wonder, anybody can get bored in such workplaces.

If you want to make your workspace fabrics look a little happening, add some colours to your furnishings. You don’t need to grow crazy with colours but you can at least change the carpets of your flooring and curtains to make it look interesting.

Even a little pop of colour can add a new mood to the work environment. So make sure that you don’t overdo much and create innovative workspace fabrics within a pocket-friendly budget.

  1. Add comfortable bean bags

Bean bags have emerged to provide a great degree of comfort in office than hardback chairs. Along with the comfort, bean bags also make your office look trendy, adding unique colours to the workspace fabrics. They can be placed easily anywhere in the office whether near your workstation, nap area or play zone.

Bean bags come in a variety of styles so it is extremely important to understand the design of your workspace before making any decision to purchase a bean bag. Depending upon your office design, you can choose leatherite or cotton bean bags that can actually contribute to bouncing off ideas from people. www. responsefabrics.com

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