Workstation Fabric: Ultimate guide for creative office space

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Workstation Fabric:

Your cabin or workstation in office is the place where you spend maximum number of hours. Its visual appearance matters a lot as it covers the majority of the work area. It has to be interesting that can foster creativity and boosts productivity in employees. Thus, choosing the right workstation fabric is significant in the interior design industry.

Workstation Fabric

Workstation fabric is an essential element for any office space. It sets the mood of the environment and stimulates positive energy in the team to work efficiently. Imagine you are working and seeing a dull workstation every day! It can block your mind with no inspiration to think creatively.

Response Fabrics, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial fabrics in India takes care of all your office fabric needs. From chairs to cubicles, it produces a wide range of fabrics suitable for creative workspaces.

How to choose a perfect range of fabric for your office?

There are a lot of key factors that determine the overall look of the workplace. You need to be considerate about the type, texture and quality of the workstation fabric. Let’s discuss these factors in detail:

Nature of work

Workstations occupy a large area in the office. While looking at them, one can make out the company’s nature of work. Therefore, you should always consider a workstation fabric that complements the work which you are going to carry out from that space.


For instance, choosing a plain boring grey for a creative media agency can block the creativity of the employees and bring down their performance. At the same place, you can go for geometric designs and vibrant colours that enhances creative office environment.

Workstation Fabric

Fabric material & designs

The composition plays an important role in deciding the type of fabric that you would want to have in your workspace. In order to achieve the desired effect, the workstation fabric should be made up of good quality fibres. Eventually, the quality of fibres impacts the texture and design of the fabric. It brings out the perfect effect that your desk requires.

Workstation Fabric

Response Fabrics produces a wide range of fabrics composed of different materials. The composition includes Crepes, Polyester, Poly- recycled cotton, Dobbies, Mesh, Leatherite, Jute, knitted fabric and PP Spun woven fabrics.


Durability & Maintenance

Workstation fabric is like a long- term investment. It is a tedious and an expensive affair to change them frequently. While purchasing them, you need to keep in mind their durability and maintenance expense. Fabrics that do not require costly dry cleaning processes are often considered as durable and stays longer than expected.


You may also go for customisation process with Response Fabrics. Any fabric you are purchasing from us can be made fire retardant, water repellent, stain resistant, anti – static and blackout. Such USPs adds extra years to the life of the fabric and proves best for commercial use.


                                                                                         Workstation Fabric


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