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Workstation fabrics

Visualize workstation with boring grey or blue shades and expecting productivity from your team? Well, workstation fabrics! That sounds scary for a person who has to work on that desk for at least 6 hours a day.

It has universally been accepted that creativity is the key to employees’ productivity. If the surroundings and ambiance of the workstation fabrics are not ingenious then your team might lose their highly productive hours of working every day.

workstation fabrics

To build a creative workspace, it is not necessary to invest in an expensive interior decorator or furniture. You may easily add fabrics to your workstation desk and create an impressive workspace for your team as well as visitors.

There is no doubt that apart from looking at the laptop screen. the team looks around their workstation to think or take a break. Thus, their desks have to be designed intelligently while keeping in mind the nature of work that is being operated from that office.

Fabrics add meaning to the workspace

Fabrics used in creating workstation desks are in general meaningful. Their type, texture, and colors bring life to the desk. Firstly, the type of fabrics plays an important role in reflecting the nature of work and the company.

For instance, a company involved in Indian crafts or handmade products can go for traditional fabric range such as Jute, Vintage and Dynamic. Similarly, offices carrying out modern businesses would like to go for hues such as Eclipse and Mars.

workstation fabrics

Then there are fabrics that give a classy and high – end appeal to the cubicle or cabin. Such fabrics are usually used on the desks of senior management like CEOs, Directors or Operating officers. Such fabrics give a premium appeal to the workspace.

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Fabrics bring relevant colour to the desk

In the psychological world, colours have very special and specific theories that impact the working of a human mind.

Adding colourful fabrics to your workstation not only stimulate creativity but bring versatility required for a productive work environment. Moreover, each colour has a different role to play in different tasks.

workstation fabrics

For instance, bright warm colours such as orange and red are known for adding dynamic energy at work. Similarly, there are some neutral to cool colours such as blue and green to add calmness in the employee’s mind working on that workstation desk.


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Geometric pattern for aesthetic appeal

Fabrics with geometric patterns are gaining huge popularity in commercial design space, especially in offices. They are a fantastic way of transforming a boring workstation into a much livelier and happier space.

Titan fabrics

Many companies who appreciate the art of creativity have started opting for fabrics that have geometric or any other visually pleasing pattern that can create an inspiring workstation for employees.


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Top 3 picks for this season’s workstation Fabrics

Creative workstation fabrics in the office are essential for employees’ productivity and performance. Minor changes and adding colors to their desk or cubicle boost their daily performance at work.

workstation or cubicle design works as an important investment for a company. One of the most essential things to observe in workstation fabrics is the texture and colours of the fabric used in upholstering them. They play a vital role in making them look creative, attractive and relaxing for the mind.

Majorly, the design of the workstation fabrics completely revamps the workspace culture and environment. Without spending a hefty amount on designing the workspace, workstation fabrics can fulfill all your office makeover requirements.

We, at Response Fabrics, manufacture a wide range of office workstation fabrics, cubicles, and furniture. Each category is composed of different materials including cotton, polyester, crepes, jute, etc.

So, today we are going to introduce our category of workstation fabrics that can rejuvenate your workspace with their unique composition and shades.

  1. Kronos

Are you planning to turn your workstation fabrics or cubicle into a creative workspace? Find the best suitable shade from our widely used category of Kronos workstation fabrics. Designed with a unique texture, Kronos has become one of the top picks for office workstation fabrics.

To serve the broad choices of corporate organizations, we offer five unique shades in Kronos that can go with the diverse needs of the office spaces. Whether you are planning to purchase it for a creative studio space, agency or any other corporate, we have the most vibrant shades that can subtly balance the productivity and creativity level of employees at work.

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  1. MARS

Just like the planet. MARS is a whole different world of fabrics specifically designed by Response Fabrics for workstation fabrics and cubicles. Composed of Polyester, Mars is one of the most suitable categories for summer that adds a sense of coolness . and freshness in the office environment. We offer around 50 shades that can provide unique aesthetics to the office space.

Mars is one such fabric category which light and breathable to use in the office. It is durable and easy to maintain as it does not involve extra cautiousness. or care for cleaning after every 6 months.


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  1. URBAN

Having bright coloured workstation fabrics adds cheers to the whole office area. Thus, to beat the stress and monotony at work, we offer Urban which features a wide range of bright shades for a better cubicle or workstation fabrics. Composed of 100% polyester, Urban offers comfort and breathability to surroundings. It is available in over 20 exclusive shades that are pleasant to eyes and lively for any work environment.

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Disclaimer: The images of office spaces in the blog have been used to represent or convey the idea. For acknowledging the source, please get in touch with us.

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