3 workstation fabrics to look for in 2019

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Workstation fabrics:

A workspace is always considered as the second home. We spend the maximum number of hours in our cubicle. Thus, it becomes extremely important to make it look creative and exciting. There is no need for you to work on a desk that looks like a grey jail. Instead, you can explore the market of workstation fabrics that can offer aesthetical benefits to your office space.

Workstation fabrics are becoming a trend in the office design industry. They ensure comfort and express style. In addition, they offer a unique expression of brand culture and values for the company. So, it is very important to make the workspace centre of the office attraction.

Workstation fabrics

Response Fabrics, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial fabrics in India offers a broad range of workstation fabrics. It produces a huge variety of colours and textures to embrace your office interior.

Let’s have a detailed insight into the categories that should not be missed this year.


Gone are the days when offices used to have bland workstation fabrics. To catch up with the evolving commercial fabrics industry, Response Fabrics produces an exclusive range of Focus. Suitable for workstation and acoustic paneling, Focus is a fabric that has a unique pattern and design to enhance any workspace.


Composed of polyester, this range of workstation fabrics is 100% breathable, light in weight and extremely durable for commercial purpose. Aesthetically, it looks visually appealing and adds excitement to the office ambiance.

Check out the complete range of Focus here: https://www.responsefabrics.com/focus-fabrics/



Nothing can beat the warmth of vibrant colours. Available in lively shades, Kronos offers freshness and energy of positivity to the work area. This particular range of workstation fabrics is a stack of style and creativity. It is manufactured exclusively by Response Fabrics for offices that inspire creativity.  If you are running a creative design studio or have a mini home office then Kronos can be the best pick of workstation fabrics.

Workstation fabrics

Find the best shade of Kronos for your workspace here :



If you like the calmness of nature then Waterfall could be the most relevant choice of workstation fabrics for your workspace. It is a uniquely designed fabric range featuring the exquisite appearance of a natural waterfall. Unlike the other printed fabric designs, it has an intricate pattern woven into the fibres itself. This unique range of fabric is known Jacquard which has become a trend in the commercial furnishing and interior designing industry. Such fabrics are also available in complex patterns for other industries. However, Waterfall is one such category of workstation fabrics that captivates the mind of the employees and makes the work environment even more constructive.

Take a tour of our complete range of Waterfall fabric range: https://responsefabrics.com/waterfall/








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